How to Keep a Silverware Tray from Sliding Backwards in Drawer

Quick tip to keep a cutlery organizer from moving around in a drawer.
by Updated August 17, 2018

Ever since I can remember, my silverware tray never stayed in place and would always move towards the back of the silverware drawer, due to the opening and closing of the drawer over time.  It really doesn't take much for a plastic silverware organizer to slide around on the base of a smooth wooden drawer, especially when the silverware drawer is opened and closed multiple times a day in order to grab out forks, knives or spoons.

Well, today I finally decided to fix the problem of my silverware tray from sliding around with one really simple solution. 

Here's how you can keep your silverware tray from sliding backward and moving around in a drawer:

1) Get a packet of Velcro Surface tape and Vinyl Round Bumpers

2) Move your silverware tray all the way forward in the drawer, so it's closest to you.

3) Now, apply a few of the round self-adhesive Vinyl Bumpers to the bottom of the draw, just behind the back of the silverware tray, so that the tray is unable to slide backwards. If the Vinyl Bumpers self-adhesive is not strong enough to keep your silverware tray from staying in place, you could always superglue the Bumpers to the drawer.  

4) Additionally, you can use Velcro Surface tape on the bottom of the silverware tray and on the base of the the drawer to securely hold in place the silverware tray in the exact spot you want it. The Velcro will keep your tray from moving.

5) That's it!




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