How to Stop Cussing and Swearing So Much

Tips to stop from Cursing or Swearing.

Swearing is something that a child can easily learn and it is often regarded as a bad habit. Thus, parents must try not to swear in front of their kids if they want to raise their children well. However, if you have already been swearing all your life, then here are 10 steps that will help prevent you from doing so.

1.) Know the reason as to why you are swearing all the time. Did you grow up in a family which has members who swears all the time? Know the root of your problem and start from there.

2.) Take note of the times when you are urged to swear at someone. After that, consider the person in front you. Does he or she deserve to hear those harsh words from you? Always think twice before swearing.

3.) Have a solid basis to stop swearing. This will serve as your reminder to quit doing the bad habit. Also, you must put your whole heart into this mission. You mustn’t stop swearing just for a bet. You must do it for a reason, and believe that it will make you a more refined and polished person.

4.) Create a silent yet firm agreement with yourself. Set a time period which you will not allow yourself to swear and see it through til the end. Make a promise that you can keep. Don’t fail yourself.

5.) Increase your vocabulary. One reason as to why people swear all the time is their lack of capacity to put into words what they truly feel. Thus, if you work on being more knowledgeable about words and sentences, then you wouldn’t feel the need to swear anymore.

6.) Search for words that wouldn’t sound too hurtful for others. If you can find any, then you can apply them for youself to prevent offending anyone. These words can also help you maintain proper grammar so people won’t ever think less of you.

7.) Get your friends and loved ones to support you in what you are doing. This would certainly make you motivated in achieving your goal. Encourage them to avoid swearing when you’re around so you can eventually get rid of the bad habit.

8.) Give yourself a consequence for every swear word that you utter. It can be in a form of a dare or it can be financial punishment instead. Oblige yourself to give money to charity. You can decide as to how much you would give away.

9.) Provide yourself with some bonuses as well. If you have survived 24 hours or even 7 days without cursing anybody, then treat yourself to a movie or anything that would make you happy. Continue doing this until you get swearing out of your system.

10.) Stay motivated. Swearing has already become part of your life and it would certainly take you some time to forget about using curse words. Just gain patience along the way and know that it isn’t impossible to stop swearing. You can do it. Believe in yourself.



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