How to Re-Install an iPhone App that was Removed

Reinstall an app that was removed, back to your iPhone.

It's easy to re-install an app to your iPhone (or iOS device) that you had removed previously, but is still in your iTunes Apps. 

Here's how to reinstall an app that was previously installed on your iPhone, back to your iPhone:

  1. In iTunes, make the Sidebar visible (if it is not already), to do so click on the top menu View -> Show Sidebar
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync with iTunes.
  3. Now in the iTunes sidebar, under DEVICES -> click on your iPhone -> then click on the Apps tab
  4. You should now get a list of all the Apps that you have Installed and/ or Removed from your iPhone that remain in iTunes.
  5. In the Apps section, find the app you want to re-install and click the Install button.  The button should now read "Will Install" and it will place the icon for the app on your iPhone screen
  6. Now click on the Apply button to sync your iPhone and have the app reinstalled to your phone.

Once the app has been successfully installed on your iPhone, you'll see the "Remove" button next to the app in the Apps section.



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