How to Open Two Separate Instances of Microsoft Excel

by Updated January 29, 2009

If you want to have two seperate Microsoft Excel files open that are separate from each other, that don't load within the same instance of Excel, then keeping reading to find out how to get around this limitation. 

If your like me and use two monitors, being able to view two different Excel files in each monitor is important, especially if you don't want to have to toggle between two workbook files.  Being able to view two open worksheets on two monitors at the same time is essential if you're doing a lot of data/spreadsheet analysis. 

Open your first excel file like you would normally. Then for your the second Excel file that you want opened in a seperate window go to the Start menu -> click Programs -> then find and select Microsoft Excel.  This will open up a seperate instance of Microsoft Excel.  You can open up as many different instances as you'd like.  Once you have your seperate instance of Excel running, then just use the File menu -> Open, to open your desired speadsheet file.

Just to note: For Windows Vista and Microsoft Excel 2003 users, you should be able to find Excel listed in the Microsoft Applications folder. So for me,Excel is found in: Start -> Programs -> Microsft Applications -> Microsft Excel




anonymous by Al on 5/5/2008
Found this very usefull... I originaly tried altering all sorts of strange paths .. this is simple and user friendly.

Thank you.
anonymous by Filip on 7/29/2008
Such an easy trick... and I lost so many nerves opening new files in the same window ;)
anonymous by Lee on 8/14/2008
Mutlidisplay.... I cannot get answer from IT experts around me, here i get the answer. Great!
anonymous by Murphy on 10/16/2008
thanks for info. I have been fighting with my windows for a long time for this solution

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