How to Make Wine Kool-Aid


Do you want to drink alcohol without paying too much? If you do, then this article is made just for you. We would be teaching you the steps on how to come up with a Kool Aid Wine. Expensive wine brands and authentic beer may still be better than this beverage but then you are always free to try something new.

First of all here is the list of things that you need to have:

  • 14 cups of clean water
  • 2 packages of Kool-aid (you can choose the flavor that you want)
  • 1 packet of traditional dried bread yeast (stay away from “quick-rise”)
  • 3 1/2 cups of sugar (choose the white one)


1.) Gather all of the ingredients mentioned above and get any kind of bottle. You can use the bottles that you have at home. Just make sure that you wash them thoroughly.

2.) Clean all the things that you would be using for this activity. Boil some water in a huge pot for a minimum of 3 minutes and put the rubber hose, funnel and your chosen bottle into that pot. Disinfect everything so you won’t be poisoned.

3.) Get another pot and boil now the water that you would be using for the wine. Determine the amount of water that you need with the use of the bottles that you have just gathered. Put sugar into the water and constantly stir the solution for the sugar to completely melt.

4.) Proceed with the yeast. Get a cup. Fill half of the cup with water (warm). Put the yeast into the cup together with 1 tsp of sugar. Stir the solution only after a few minutes. Allow the sugar and yeast to settle on the cup first.

5.) Pour the sugar water from step 4 into the bottles that you have. You can make use of a funnel for this step. However, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the item before you use it. Also, don’t completely fill the bottles. Leave some space for adjustments.

6.) Only pour the sugar water into the bottle once it already looks foamy. After that, pour four more cups of water (warm) into the bottle. Close it with the cap and shake the whole bottle.

7.) Ferment your own wine now by covering your bottle with an inflated plastic balloon. The balloon must have tiny holes in it. Store your bottle in a safe place and get back to it after 14 days or after the balloon runs out of gas.

8.) Get the bottle once the wine is already fermented. Don’t even try to shake the bottle if you don’t want to put all of your efforts down the drain. Taste a little bit of your wine. If it has a taste similar to vinegar, then that means that it is not fermented yet.

9.) Remove the dead yeast from the wine. This can be found at the bottom of the bottle. Thus, you would have to get another bottle. Set it upright and transfer the wine to that bottle with the use of a rubber hose and by setting the bottle which has the wine upside down. Don’t transfer all of the wine to the new bottle. Leave some of it together with the dead yeast.

10.) Get the Kool Aid that you have bought. Pour them to the wine. Close the bottle and shake it thoroughly for your wine to finally have some flavor. You can mix two different flavors if you want to.

11.) Wait for another 7 days and this time around, transfer the wine into smaller bottles. It won’t be nice for you to be seen drinking from a huge bottle. Try to look a bit decent by drinking from a small bottle.

12.) You can only drink your wine after another 7 days. Follow this protocol for you to have a good tasting wine at the end of the month. After the long wait, don’t hesitate to share the wine that you have created with all of your friends.

Additional Tip:

You have the option to refrigerate your wine for a few days before you transfer it to another bottle. This would certainly speed up the transfer of the wine.



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