How to Make Use of Old Wine Corks

Ways to reuse old wine corks.

Do you drink wine on a regular basis? Don’t know what to do with the corks from all that drinking? Don’t throw them in the trash bin just yet. Here are ways to use those corks.

  1. Corks make fine fire starters. Put away the corks in a sealed container with rubbing alcohol. When you need to light a fire, put one or two corks under some firewood and newspaper. 
  2. Use extra corks to make a corkboard for your notes, reminders and to-do lists.
  3. Corks also make great cork stamps. Use a sharp craft knife to carve your preferred design on one side of the cork. Press on an inkpad and you now have your instant cork stamp. For additional techniques, you can refer to How to Make a Rubber Stamp for Letterboxing.
  4. Use corks to upholster. I know what you’re thinking. This is one ambitious and crazy project, but why not?
  5. If you have gathered enough corks, you can create a miniature house, castle or even fairy house.
  6. A cork birdhouse may be the project you are looking for to use up all those corks.
  7. If you like minute details, you might want to craft a cork sculpture.
  8. How about a cork trivet? You can also buy a plain picture frame and glue corks to it for accent. 
  9. Cork art make great souvenirs.
  10. Slit the corks and use them as place card holders. Add an environmental touch to it by using cards cut out from old folders or box cartons. .
  11. Use shredded cork in your yard to help retain moisture for your garden plants. Avoid plastic or rubber corks, though, but you may have to use them if you prefer something that doesn’t break down easily.
  12. Corks can also be used to make key floats.
  13. Hold sharp objects such as earrings, pins and fish hooks for safety and easy location using corks.
  14. Use them as a cooking accessory. Stick corks under the lid handle of your pots to save yourself from a nasty burn. Corks are heat resistant and you can leave them there even when you put the lids in the dishwasher.
  15. Corks are also great for cleaning carbon steel knife blades. Dampen the blade and one side of the cork, smear some abrasive cleaner to the blade and rub the side of the cork over the blade. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be done in no time. For additional safety, set the blade down onto something so it’s easier to rub the blade without it moving around.
  16. Squeeze corks into your bicycle handlebars. They’re not just more eco-friendly, but they’re also lighter than their rubber counterparts (the ones that require screwing).
  17. You know how much cats love playing with something tied to a string, right? Why not use corks? Tie some string to a cork and watch your cat play endless hours with it. Just be careful and make sure your cat doesn’t swallow it accidentally as it might result to expensive surgical procedures.
  18. If you have birds, add some fun to their lives by using corks as bird toys. Birds have the need to shred and they may even have fun doing it. The size of corks is perfect for medium to large size parrots.
  19. Give yourself some facial hair. Burn one end of a cork, put out the fire, wait for it to cool down, then draw some ‘hair’ on your face!
  20. Create fishing floats from them. Slit the cork from one end to the center using a sharp blade and place it at any point on your fishing line depending on which depth you want to sink your bait.
  21. Use them as a marker for your knitting needle. This way, you don’t lose your work.
  22. If your bar area needs some new flooring, then you can use your extra corks for this purpose. Prepare your floor as if you are mounting a new carpet and lay the cork, ensuring that the brand names of your finer wines are displayed. With the flat side down, cut it in half if the entire cork is too high. Cover the cork with clear self-leveling epoxy flooring.  


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