How to Know if an Egg has Gone Bad


How do you determine whether an egg is bad or good? Well, lucky for you this article will be able to provide you with more than one answer to that question. Below are 3 different methods you can use to tell the quality of an egg.

Cracking the Egg

1.) Find an even surface where you would be able to crack the egg that you have.

2.) Take note of the albumen (white portion of the egg) and yolk of the egg. You'll know that the egg is in a bad condition if the albumen is almost in a liquid state and the yolk is completely flat.


Sloshing Test

1.) Get the egg and place it near your ear. However, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your ears beforehand.

2.) Now, slowly shake the egg that you have. Don’t shake the egg too hard though, just enough to take note of any sound without breaking the egg while shaking it.

3.) Take note of any sloshing sound coming from the egg. If it produces that sound, then you should never eat the egg. If the sound’s not there, then you are free to cook the egg.


Floating Test

1.) Get a medium sized bowl. Fill it with cold water. Make sure that the bowl is almost filled to the rim. Get an egg afterwards.

2.) Good eggs stay in the bottom. If your egg floats inside the bowl, then you should not eat it. It has a bad condition and consuming it would only make you sick.



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