How to Get a Google+ Custom URL Without Extra Letters or Numbers

Claim the Google+ Custom URL that matches your business website domain name exactly.

When first setting up a new Google Plus page for your business / website, you'll probably want to set up a personalized Google+ URL that's easy to remember.  However, when claiming your personalized Google+ custom URL, you may be prompted to add Letters or Numbers to the end of your business website name ( to make it unique, even though you know that the custom vanity URL you want without numbers is not taken ( For instance you might see the following message:

“add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page.”

If you see that message, HOLD OFF, before creating the Google+ vanity URL with the extra unwanted letters or numbers.

With a little patience and few steps you should be able to get the Custom Google+ URL for your website Domain Name without being forced to add unnecessary Letters or Numbers to the end of the Google+ URL. Here's how I was able to get around the problem for a brand new Google+ page and a recently launched website that was only two days old:

  1. If you haven't already, set up a Google Plus account for your business / website.
  2. From the new Google+ page, click on the About tab,
  3. On the About page, locate the Links section,and add your Website URL.
  4. You need to make sure the Website URL is Verified with Google Plus.  To Verify the website url, you'll want to connect it with your Google Webmaster account.  (it may take Google up to 72 hours to verify your website).  Once verified you'll see a checkmark next to the Website URL in the Links section of Google+.
  5. Now use your Google+ personal user account, and +1 at least 3 different pages of your website (or share three different links of the website using a Google+ personal account).  (In my case, I simply used the Google +1 buttons on my new website, to "+1" three different pages from the website)
  6. If you have a custom YouTube channel/username, link your YouTube account to your Google+ account.  (The YouTube channel / username can be the same as the Google+ custom URL that you want to claim).
  7. Now just wait about 24 to 48 hours, and keep checking the Google+ Custom URL prompt (from Google+ About tab -> Links section -> Get URL), to see if google stops requiring you to add a suffix (letters or numbers) to the end of the google+ url.  Once approved, you'll see the follwoing in the Links section, under Google+ URL "Preapproved URLS, including".
  8. If your URL is Preapproved, just click on Get URL, to claim your Google+ Custom URL.
  9. That's it...

In my case, it took less than 48hrs until Google preapproved my domain name, allowed me to change my Google plus custom URL and claim it without having to add extra letters or numbers to the end. So essentially, you just need to prove to Google that you have rights to the Custom name (domain name), before they allow you to claim a custom URL without having to add any extra letters or numbers to the end of the Custom URL. 

Keep in mind, I didn't have any followers to my Google+ page, nor did I post any content to the Google+ page within the first 48hrs of creating my new Google+ page and google still allowed me to claim my custom URL without extra numbers.  But if you are still having trouble claiming your custom URL and are still being required to add a suffix to the end of the Custom URL, then you might want to try the following:

  1. Try to get more followers to your Google+ page. 
  2. Start adding daily postings to your page. 
  3. Get more Google user accounts to +1 pages of your site.

Hopefully, with a little luck and patience, you'll be able to claim the Google+ Custom URL that matches your business / website domain.




anonymous by Tomo on 4/27/2015

Very helpful article.
How long did it take to use your ideal url?

Doug by Doug on 4/27/2015

Within the first 48hrs of creating my new Google+ page.

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