How to Change the WiFi Password on your iPhone

Reset the WiFi Password on WiFi on an iPhone or iPad
by Updated May 25, 2021

If you've ever gone to change your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad, it's not as straight forward as one would think it should be.  Instead of Apple using the words "Change Wi-Fi Password" or "Reset Password" for a particular Wi-Fi network, they instead use the phrase "Forget this Network", which can be confusing. 

When I see words like "Forget this Network", it sounds like they will remove the entire Wi-Fi network completely from my Wi-Fi list, when I just want to change the password to that particular network.  Well, clicking on "Forget this Network" isn't as sinister as it sounds, and is actually what you need to click on to reset a Wi-Fi networks password on your iPhone. 

Here's how to change the WiFi password on your iPhone:

1) On the iPhone home screen, tap on the 'Settings' app.

2) Then select "Wi-Fi" option menu to view a list of WiFi networks currently available to your iPhone.

3) Now tap the Wi-Fi network that you want to change the password.  This will usually have a small blue check mark to the right of the name of the WiFi network.

4) Press the "Forget this Network" link button at the top of the network's settings page.  A pop-up box will ask you to confirm that you want to Forget Wi-Fi Network, click on "Forget".  Now, the previously entered password for that Wi-Fi network will be removed from the iPhone's memory and you will be disconnected from the network.

5) You'll will then be back on the list of available Wi-Fi networks. where you can now sign into the Wi-Fi network that you just disconected from with a new Password. (Note: you may have to wait a few seconds to see the Wi-Fi network that you want to sign into reappear in the WiFi network listing.

6) Tap the Wi-Fi network that you want to sign onto. You will now be prompted to enter the WiFi network's password.  After entering the new password, click the "Join" button to save the new password details for the wifi network to your iPhone.

7) If the password is entered correctly and your logged into the Wi-FI network, you'll now see a blue check mark next to the Wi-Fi network you just signed into.


Note: This tutorial was based on Apple iOS 13.1.2



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