How to Build Quality Backlinks for Top Search Engine Rankings

Every website needs good rankings in search engines as it is essential for getting visitors directly from searches.

There are different tools of search engine optimization that help web pages to appear higher up in the search engine rankings. One of these methods is link building, the aim of which is to increase the number of inbound links to pages on a website, thus gaining authority and higher SERPs (search engine results pages).

A website owner needs to put in the necessary time and effort to get links to his/her web page. This is not an easy job, as algorithms of the search engines are targeted to find relevant, high quality links and to weed out the poor ones. These algorithms acknowledge only the valuable links, therefore creating crappy backlinks is just a waste of time and will not bring good search engine rankings in the long run. In fact, backlinks from shady websites can sometimes do more harm than good when trying to rank your website.

A few years ago, if you had built tons of links, you got high rankings on the search result pages. Buying links and using link building software that generates tons of links in a single day does not help like it once did. Nowadays, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of links, sophisticated link building is about quality, not quantity. If you have a good product or service and create a good web page, you can get better rankings.

Your website pages definitely needs a certain quantity of links, but only high quality links will help boost rankings the most in search engines. You can outrank your competitors if the quality of your links is better.

How can you build quality links for your website? You need to take the following points into consideration:

1. Write quality content, and get it published on the websites of strong, authority publishers. Superb content will drive visitors over to your page. It is always helpful to provide lots of free information for your visitors.

2. Find web pages that already rank for your keyword in the top thousand search results and try to get a link from them. Ask them for a link and link back to their pages. You also need to diversify the web sites from which you get links. Do not place more than two or three link on the same website. One link per website can be sufficient as well, because the first link has the most weight. Try to get a lot of media exposure, that will naturally turn into inbound links.

If the website you are linked to is relevant, it will drive visitors over to your sites, you can put more links in there, regardless of the SEO value of the additional links.

3. Enhance the number of links over time. There is no need to create a thousand links each month. Links need to grow organically. Focus on quality and not on velocity.

4. Guest blog post on relevant blogs with a link or two back to your website. Within the content of the blog post article you can place in-content links to your website.  
At the end of the blogpost, you may also place a link in  the author bio.

5. Leave a high quality comment on relevant blogs with a link to your website. 

6. Pay attention to the anchor text of your back links. The anchor text is the visible, clickable text of your link. Search engines examine what the link is about and whether it reflects the subject of the site to which the link points. Placing your keyword in the anchor text boosts search engine ranking, but the anchor texts need to be diversified as well. You must not use the same keyword for all of them, because it would not look natural. The keyword needs to be rotated up, you need to place multiple keywords in there.

Do not use more than 10-20% exact-match anchor text.

7. Place links on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. Search engines analyze signals of social media sites, if your posts get a lot of likes, shares, or tweets, your website will get a better ranking.

The most important rule of link building is that your links should look as natural as possible. If you write superb content that is relevant to your site, the article will get many visitors and social shares, and that link will have more value. Another tip: brand new sites have always worse ranking than old ones. If you do not have an old site, you can buy one. It is useful, if not only the domain name is old, but there is some content on it that has a few links already.





Insightful, relevant and timely. Thanks for sharing this, Roger. I got hooked right after I read it. Keep those posts coming!
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