How to Determine the Homepage Background Image Photo Details

Find out the photo information of the background images displayed on
by Updated May 14, 2013

So if you're like me, you may think that the photographs shown on the homepage are pretty damn cool.  I've actually decided to set as my permanent homepage just for the cool pictures they put up everyday.  But if you're also like me, you may be wondering, 'Where in the world was that photo taken?' or 'What is that a picture of?'. 

So how can you find the details of the photos on  Until last week, I was still unsure about how to go about finding the photos detail information on the homepage.  Well, I figured it out, and it's pretty simple... to find out the details of the photographs displayed in the background of's homepage:

  1. Go to, and hover your mouse over the Copyright symbol © or as of 2013, hover over the (i) symbol (within the photograph located on the lower right-hand side of the image). 
  2. When you hover over the symbol, a tooltip box will pop-up displaying information about the image, such as what is pictured in the photo, where the photo was taken, and the photograph's other copyright details.

To get even more information about the background image, you can also hover over other areas of the image, which will show a square box and a pop-up message, which will display other information about the photograph (but sometimes it will just have semi-related seach type stuff).


On another note.... You may be wondering, the images on are cool, but I use to do most of my searches... 'Can you display background images on'    Actually, you can set a background image on  To do this, go to and in the bottom left corner, click Change background image.  You will then need to sign in to your Google account to set the desired background image.   While this is a nice feature to spice up your homepage, it's still not as cool as's new and unique photo everyday IMHO.




anonymous by Geraldine Rafferty on 10/28/2012
I am anxious to start using Bing and enjoying all the beautiful pictures shown almost every day but I am having trouble signing in to LOGIN.
anonymous by chris g on 12/10/2012
Thank you
anonymous by Barb Prince on 1/17/2013
All of a sudden, my Bing home page no longer shows a photo (which I love). How do I reset this??
anonymous by Patrick on 5/14/2013
Thanks for posting this info. Good feeling for the writing craft too. Thanks.
anonymous by wael on 10/17/2013
Thank you!!! I had seen the information accidentally, but could not replicate it. I just wish that I could search back images I have captured as screenshots.
anonymous by Ming Yager on 12/4/2015

I am SO BLESSED by the photo images every day on my bing home page and want to thank the whomever that is responsible for these. WHAT A PHOTOGRAPHIC GENIUS YOU ARE!!!!!

anonymous by GLORY JOHNSON on 6/3/2016
anonymous by Jeff on 6/28/2018

Why is the bing home page image blurry and the popular now boxes gone?

anonymous by Ron Rivas on 8/5/2019

Who wrecked the Bing homepage where is our beautiful images from beautiful photographers who share their images with us every day we can get news of death and distraction everywhere we want our homepage back

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