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Why doesn't my iPhone iTunes playlist play songs consecutively?

My iTunes music playlists on my iPhone no longer are playing songs in consecutive order. For some reason, to play the next song, I need to manual skip to the next song in playlist. How can I get my iTunes playlist to play songs consecutively?

1 Answer

To get your iTunes playlist to play songs consecutively, make sure 'Shuffle' or 'Repeat' is not Turned ON for songs in your playlist. To turn off Shuffle and/ or Repeat for songs in a playlist do the following:

1) Open up your playlist.
2) Tap one of the songs to start playing it.
3) The album cover (or music note icon) will come up while displaying the song in the mini player at the bottom.
4) Tap the song title (or album cover) in the mini player, which will bring up a larger album cover and player.
5) Now scroll down to reveal the 'Shuffle ' and 'Repeat' buttons. If they are highlighted (Pink color) they're turned ON.
6) Tap the 'Shuffle' button or 'Repeat' button to disable them (they will be a light grey color when off).
7) When they are off, you should now have songs play continuously in your iPhones iTunes music playlist.

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