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Where Do Fruit Flies Originate From?

Where Do Fruit Flies Really Come From?

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Spontaneous generation was believed to exist until about the 18th century. This idea dictates that inorganic matter is the birthplace of all creatures like mice and even insects like fruit flies. Apparently, fruit flies were believed to have mysteriously originated from rotting meat, stinky underwear and other unclean sources.

This theory of spontaneous generation seems to exist even in our own homes and no matter how clean and sanitized we think our kitchens are, fruit flies still seem to find a way to show up around fruit and other food. Spontaneous generation has been proven to be fiction, but who can explain where fruit flies really come from?

Measuring just about 3mm or about 0.2 inches, fruit flies are small winged insects with large eyes and striped bodies that are a brownish shade. The combination of an unbeatable sense of smell and a small stature allows fruit flies to enter through even the smallest crack in your home and they may even find their way in your grocery bags where they hatch from eggs laid from unsanitary food from a grocery store.

A swarm of fruit flies can definitely be day-wrecking. Fruit flies are attracted to the alcohol found in fermented fruits and vegetables as well as wine and beer. They will feed on these as well as lay their eggs in them which can hatch in just a few hours. Infestation can be quick and any kitchen can be a victim.

Some steps to preventing the existence of fruit flies include:
- Ensuring proper food storage and disposal. Dirty dishes should also be avoided.
- Discard old mops and old sponges.
- Create a trap for existing fruit flies by using construction paper shaped into a funnel and placing it in a container with some rotten fruit, wine or beer. Fruit flies can easily be trapped inside the container.

Surprisingly, fruit flies have a great contribution to the scientific industry. Also known as Drosophilae, fruit flies have been used by genetic engineers as ideal specimens for their short life cycle of ten days, their quick turnaround time to reproduce and their large chromosomes.

The theory of creation versus evolution continues to be a topic of debates and a conclusion has not been established until today thanks to the existence of fruit flies. Creationists still do not have any tangible proof that fruit flies used in laboratories have produced a new generation of fruit flies to support their claim. Evolutionists, on the other hand, firmly believe that because fruit flies have very few chromosomes, there is no way for them to be manipulated and therefore have no reason to change through the course of evolution.

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