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When is the release date for Android Honeycomb?

When is the official release date for Google's Android Honeycomb 3.0?

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With Motorola Xoom release date being less than two weeks away now, everybody is more than eager to know when Google will release Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) update.

Previously there were rumors about Android 3.0 update being scheduled for release in March 2011. However, now that Xoom is ready for launch experts are of the opinion that this update will be either released within the next week or along with Xoom itself.

When any company uses the Android OS for their smartphones or tablet computers, it automatically gets the publicity it requires. If this fact is taken into consideration, we can bank on the fact that Android Honeycomb will be made available for users from 24th February 2011, along with Motorola Xoom.

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