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What's the difference between a Non Profit Organizations vs. NGOs?

How is a NGO different from a Non-Profit Organization?

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What is a Non-Profit Organization?

• It is an organization which has the acronym of NPO.
• It refers to foundations or endowments which have large stock funds.
• It is built due to informal, trust or co-operative reasons.
• Its goal is to increase substantial funds.
• It has management personnel who work on that goal.
• The extra money of an NPO is used for the advocacy of the organization and not for the benefit of its owners and shareholders.
• NPOs use state, local or federal entities in providing their programs and services to the general public.
• Examples of NPOs: supporting organizations, charitable organizations, trade unions and arts organizations.

What is a NGO?

• It is an acronym that refers to a non-governmental organization.
• It is also referred to as civil society organization.
• By the power of ECOSOC’s resolution 228 (X), NGOs all over the world were officially defined on February 27, 1950.
• This organization if founded by people who don’t work for the government.
• It doesn’t have a government and it stands by its name of being non-governmental.
• The state can give money to an NGO but it doesn’t put the organization under their influence.
• NGOs all over the world pushed the right of women to vote for their government leaders and they have fought against slavery that was present in other countries.
• The most famous NGO is the United Nations Organization which was created in 1945. Another well known NGO is Rotary International which began its mission in 1904.
• The world had 1,083 NGOs in 1914.
• Now, this type of organization is mostly seen in India and there are 40,000 thousand of them around the globe.

Other kinds of NGO are the following:

Market Advocacy Organization or MANGO
Technical Assistance NGO or TANGO
International NGO or INGO
Environmental NGO or ENGO
Big International NGO or BINGO

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