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How can I go from being Lazy to being more Productive?

What's some secrets to overcome Laziness and start on a path of Productivity? From Lazy Days to Productive Ways?

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As days pass by with hectic schedules and daily routines, it is quite inevitable to fall trap to the looming threat of laziness. But if you’re currently in the process of finishing a project or beating a deadline, your lazy bouts won’t do any good. So, if you’re desperate to bounce back, all it takes is a mindset makeover and a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

• Change your mindset from passive to active.
When you feel as if you’re no longer in charge of your own life, laziness suddenly sets in as you feel controlled by your duties. Take a more proactive approach in accomplishing your tasks by taking it as a challenge and an opportunity for growth. Think like an ambitious CEO of the most powerful company on the globe. Dominate the world!

• Get more sleep.
Getting more sleep doesn’t mean that you’re being lazy. Many people are actually sleep deprived because they stay up too late to relax and get up too early to prepare for work. Used up energy often results to the lack of motivation and the tendency to procrastinate. Adjusting your sleep schedule is the best way to balance a few more hours of meaningful rest and a productive day in the office, helping you combat feelings of laziness.

• Exercise.
Since chronic laziness could be triggered by depression or other emotional energy drain, indulging in a stimulating activity can jumpstart your day. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet can raise your body’s metabolic rate and stamina, leaving less room for a sedentary lifestyle.

• Examine your home and work environment.
Do you spend too much downtime at work? Are your co-workers prone to laziness whenever the supervisor leaves? Laziness can be a learned behavior, so make a conscious effort in diverting your attention to catch up on paper work or sketch out future plans. Don’t wait for others to complete their tasks, be on the lead. You’ll not only feel productive, but you’ll also feel good about being a role model to your co-workers.

• Lead by example.
Laziness can also be a recurring problem at home, which could influence other family members. Leading by example can help fight household laziness. Be the first to collect and wash dishes after a meal. Take the lead, but don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to each family member in order to encourage productive teamwork.

• Get rid of temptations.
If you constantly find yourself sitting in front of the television the whole day or napping on a hammock for hours, try your best to get rid of it. If you can’t do it in one blow, keep it in moderation instead. If you’ve accomplish something, create a reward system for yourself in order to promote responsibility. After a long day of doing chores, don’t hesitate to reward yourself with a scrumptious dinner. If you're a hobbyist, go out and celebrate with friends after completing a project.

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