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How to make Dell MSN my default homepage?

I want to set Dell MSN my default homepage so it quits opening up to other sites.

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If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser follow these steps to make Dell MSN your homepage:

1. Click on 'Tools' on the Internet Explorer menu bar, then click on 'Internet options'
2. In the Internet Options pop-up box, make sure you are on the General tab.
3. In the 'Home page' section, clear any URLs listed in the textbox, and then copy and paste in the following URL:
4. Now click the 'Apply' button.
5. Click OK.

That's how to change your Default Homepage in Internet Explorer to the Dell MSN homepage.

NOTE: The process in Firefox for setting your default homepage is fairly similiar to that of Internet Explorer explained above.

go to the site and look at the top and select make dell msn my default homepage.

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