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What are Subliminal Messages and how do they work?

What is the purpose of Subliminal Messages? Where can you find Subliminal Messages?

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Any sound, picture or word that may be displayed in all sorts of media is what you call as a subliminal message. Most of the time, people don’t instantly get this type of messages

Experts believe in the theory that individuals would only get to fully understand these messages if they often use their unconscious or subconscious mind.

An example of a partly subliminal message is the color red in Target® TV advertisements. The company has absolutely no connection with that color but it is still being used in their promotions because advertisers want people to associate the color with the company alone making consumers remember the company easily.

Subliminal messages came to life in between the 19th and 20th century. They didn’t make much noise in the past since flashy messages appeared to be more convincing during that time. Subliminal messages were even viewed as “brainwashers” in that era. In fact, because of that concept, the FCC or US Federal Communications Commission instructed advertisers to never use these messages during the 1970s.

However, the music and movie industries were not included in that rule. A few backward-recorded music pieces in the rock genre are now even being sold in the market. Some of these recordings do have double meanings. Some of them don’t. Nevertheless, subliminal messages seem to remain ineffective after all these years despite the birth of these innovative recordings.

Just so you know Disney film animations were also reported to contain subliminal messages but they were never greatly noticed by the general public. For example, if you would play The Lion King in slow motion, you would definitely see the word “sex” being displayed in the clouds of the film. However, Disney would have certainly fixed this error if only they have seen it in the first place but unfortunately, they noticed the existence of the word too late.

Actually, subliminal messages are still being displayed in films that we have now. It’s just that you don’t see them right away. For example, in the movie Spider Man, Peter Parker transfers from one building to another which actually contains ads if you would only look at them closely.

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