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What Makes a Warranty Different From a Guarantee?

What are the main differences between a Warranty and a Guarantee?

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What is a Warranty?

• A consumer’s right is protected by a warranty.
• If you want to avail a warranty for your insurance package, then you would have to pay for it.
• With regards to other items, a warranty is given to a consumer for free.
• It is given by distributors or retail sellers to their clients.
• Having a warranty allows you to have your purchase fixed by the seller within the warranty period.
• If the manufacturer or seller refuses to repair your product even if it is still on its warranty period, then you can definitely sue them for that.
• You can never return a product and have your money back with the use of a warranty alone.
• A warranty is given to vehicles as well.
• Nowadays, a limited warranty is the coverage being provided by sellers. This kind of warranty specifies the time frame of the policy, the kind of damage that they can repair and the list of parts that they can deal with.

What is a Guarantee?

• If you want to protect your consumer rights, then you would need to have a guarantee for the item that you have purchased.
• This is a legal policy that is given to all consumers once they have bought a certain product.
• Most manufacturers provide guarantees to all of their clients.
• However, it is not a lifetime policy and it is only effective for a particular time frame.
• Having a guarantee allows you to have your product replaced by the seller for free in case you find something that’s wrong with it.
• If you don’t want your purchase to be replaced, then you can get your money back as long as you have a guarantee.
• A guarantee is provided to vehicles such as motorcycles.

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