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What's the piece of plastic that holds price tags on to clothes called?

Is there a name for the plastic wire thing that price tags are attached to on clothing?

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I believe they are called "plastic fasteners" and are attached to clothing or fabric using a price tag gun.

After looking for 30 min they are actually called fine barbs.

Perket. The name for the plastic piece, a strip with a T end on both ends, that typically holds a label to a piece of clothing, is a perket.


I think they should outlaw Perked because they are so small that I am sure this is what ales up half of the plastic gyres in the ocean.


I believe it's just called a plastic tag attachment


I'm pretty sure it's called a price tag fastener


It's called a fastening dongle. This was told to me by the creator himself.


Wow! The Lord told you that they're called a fastening dongle...


They are called "barbs."


They are called fine barbs

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