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What's the best way to remove a Registration sticker from a cars windshield?

What's the best way to take off an aold Registration sticker on a car windshield from inside the car?

2 Answers

Start by using a hair dryer to heat the outside of the windshield where the sticker is located. Once the sticker has been heated up, you can use a razor blade to help scrape the sticker off. Then use windex or fantastic, to get the remaining sticky stuff off the glass. When scraping the sticker off with the razor blade, be sure not to scratch the glass.

Using a hairdryer on the windshield may hamper and affect the UV blocking properties form it. The easiest and safest method is to use plenty of water to moisten the sticker if its paper based.

You can use good old WD40 if the sticker is polythene based and scrape off the remains with a suitable blade/spatula. Need more on DIYs and maintenance -

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