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Do you pay taxes on a car that is gifted to you when registering it in New York State?

Will I have to pay any NY State DMV sales tax or a book value tax on a vehicle that was gifted to me by a family member? What, if any are the taxes on the gift of a car in New York State?

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No, in NEW YORK state you will NOT pay any taxes on a car that was a Gift when registering it at the DMV. In order to not pay taxes you and the seller (Gifter) will need to fill out the DMV form DTF-802. You will fill out Sections 1 thru 5. In Section 5, just put $0 for the Amount of cash payment or write "Gift". The seller (or Gifter), will need to fill out Section 6 and sign the seller/donar certification. The DTF-802 form acts as the official Bill of Sale, so you do not need a separate bill of sale.  The seller (or Gifter), will also need to fill out an MV-912 or Vehicle Bill of Sale.

- To get the car registered, you will also need the vehicles Title signed by the Gifter / a.k.a Seller.
- Then you will need to fill out a Vehicle Registration/Title Application form MV-82.
- Get the car insured by a someone like Geico or AllState and bring proof of insurance (New York State Insurance Identification Card) with you when you register the car. For instance, Geico allows you to sign up for insurance and print out your NYS Insurance Identification cards the same day you sign up for insurance.
- Then bring proof of identity... best ID to bring is a current NYS Driver License.

It costs about a $130 in total to get 2 new plates issued, along with your vehicle registration. However, vehicle registration alone is about $50.


DMV... I talked to the DMV information desk in person and asked this question. Also I registered a car that was a Gift and did not pay any taxes.

When a car is gifted, it is also registered in the name of the person who have been gifted. It depends also which party has gifted the car and parameters like - is the car gifted by an organization to a needy person? Or is the car a gift from a dad to his daughter?
In the first option, the person should have a written certificate from the organization about the tax and other formalities about the car. He may or may not be liable to pay taxes whatever the deed has declared. Whereas in the second option, taxes have to be borne by either of the parties (in this case either the father or the daughter).


Do I have to pay sales tax on a car that is gifted to me by a family member?


I only paid $1.00 for the vehicle as the gift was for payment for help given with a recent move - in lieu of cash payment.


if I trade a farm tractor for a motorcycle of equal value, do I have to pay ny state sales tax?

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