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What's different about an Android Tablet from an iPad?

What Makes an Android Tablet Different From an iPad?

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What is an Android Tablet?

• It is a device that operates on Google’s Android.
• One of the advantages of this device over iPad is that it allows you to do more than one task simultaneously. That’s the best thing about owning an Android Tablet. Thus, it is certainly suitable to be used by individuals who have very busy lives and who want to get instant and satisfactory results.
• This gadget has Flash. Flash is the software which allows you to view video online or offline. So, if you’re someone who enjoys watching funny clips or who uses video tutorials at school, then an Android tablet would surely work for you.
• This device has a limited number of applications given that it was just recently launched into the market. However, more and more apps are being developed for this device everyday. Nevertheless, if you want an endless list of applications, then you are recommended to consider buying an iPad instead.

What is an iPad?

• It is a gadget which operates on iOS.
• It has more applications than an Android Tablet. If you already have an iPhone, then you can attest to this undeniable fact.
• Unfortunately, this device won’t allow you to watch video from Youtube because it doesn’t have Flash and it can never be installed in it. There’s still no news whether Apple is going to do something about that.
• Multitasking is not one of the best of an iPad. In fact, iPhone won’t let you perform more than one task without closing the other application. Thus, if you’re someone who wants to get things done as soon as possible, then it would be best fro you to get an Android Tablet than an iPad. Forget about the brand this time around.

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