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What Makes DSLR Different From SLR?


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What is DSLR?

• This acronym stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.
• It is basically the Digital version of Single Lens Reflex cameras.
• It is the next evolutionary step that the SLR has taken
• This photo equipment allows the user to conveniently and easily save his or her pictures in a memory card instead of a film.
• It may have the same features with a SLR camera but it is considered as a more excellent item compared to its predecessor.
• This camera is simply one of the finest in the market nowadays. It lets you see the picture that you have taken in an instant and it even has extremely high quality sensors that would help enhance the photographer instincts in you.
• With a DSLR camera in hand, you wouldn’t have to change the medium for your storage from time to time. You just need to purchase a memory card which has a high storage capacity and you’re good to go.

What is SLR?

• This acronym stands for Single Lens Reflex.
• It is a group of cameras which produce high quality pictures
• It is often used by professional photographers because of the kind of pictures that it produces.
• It has features such as lenses that can be interchanged and easy to manage manual controls which can’t be found in standard cameras. In fact, its features can leave a beginner totally in awe.
• It has brought more things to the table other than its path of light.
• This type of camera allows you to view the image in front of you through the camera’s lens.
• It has a particular mechanism that moves to allow the light reach the film behind it after you press the button of the camera.

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