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What is the proper way of disposing of damaged pc parts?

What is the best way of disposing of damaged pc parts that is safe for the environment?

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The best way to get rid of your old computers or monitors is to donate them to a local community recycle program (remanufacture) that will allow older computers to begin a new lease on life in the homes of needy residents in your area who may not be able to afford a computer. You can often can a little tax writeoff as well when you donate your computers to a program like this.

Another way to get rid of old computers/monitors is to take it to an computer recycle center. However, sometimes you may have to pay $10 or more to recycle your old computer equipment.

What ever you do, don't throw your old monitors or computers in the trash, as this is bad for the environment, since there are so many chemicals in computers and monitors that leak into the land.

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