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What is the maximum amount of rows a 2010 Excel Spreadsheet can have?

What is the total amount of rows a single Excel Spreadsheet can have in version 2010?

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Starting in Excel 2007, the "Big Grid" increased the maximum number of rows per worksheet from 65,536 to over 1 million, and the number of columns from 256 (IV) to 16,384 (XFD). This increase caused some performance and rendering issues in Excel 2007 when working with graphics objects in the new regions of the larger grid.

Sheet dimensions are exactly the same in Excel 2010 as they were in Excel 2007.

Starting in Excel 2010, Excel optimized functionality that relies on using the top left of the grid as the origin in order to improve the experience of working with graphics in the new regions of the grid. Rendering fidelity and performance are improved relative to Excel 2007.

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