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What is the meaning of Psychological Projection?

Hat does Sigmund Freud's theory of Psychological Projection mean?

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Human beings are social beings. They interact and react to the surroundings around them. Oftentimes they develop different defense mechanisms to protect themselves from different social responses whether positive or negative. One of the forms of defense mechanism is called Psychological projection or Freudan projection. This was observed and studied by the most popular figure in the field of psychology, Sigmund Freud.

According to Freud, psychological projection often happens when the person feels guilty on what he or she is doing or what he or she feels inside. Sometimes, people do not recognize that they are doing psychological projection. Psychological projection is defined as someone who projects or attributes their feelings, thoughts, and even actions to other people. For example, if the person feels that same sex marriage is inappropriate in the society, that person would often say that his mother doesn’t like same sex marriage, through this behavior; the person is projecting his thoughts and feelings towards his mother. Oftentimes, people who harbor psychological projection believe that everyone has similar thoughts and feelings as to what they have. It helps them feel less guilty and feel more accepted in the society.

In psychological projection, people always assume that other people share their beliefs and thoughts toward a particular issue or event. It is often influenced by past experiences, experiences by others, as well as culture.

According to Sigmund Freud, this is a defense mechanism that may turn out to be very destructive once it goes out of control. This is because it will affect future decision-making. This is what they call as “projection bias.”
Psychologists stressed out that it is very important for people to determine psychological projection scheme within a relationship or relationships with other people. This will help in making sound decisions and better judgment since the person knows that there might be some defense mechanism going on.
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