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What is considered Visceral Fat?

Can you tell me more about Visceral Fat?

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Visceral fat, or most popularly known as abdominal fat are fat deposits that surrounds the abdominal area in the body. This type of fat deposit is highly dangerous since it can cover the vital organs in the body. Visceral fat has been associated with a number of health problems especially cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

There are a lot of reasons why visceral fat accumulates in the body. The primary reason is food intake. Too much intake of foods that are high in cholesterol will lead to the formation of abdominal fat. Sweets as well as salty foods can also be a factor. Another factor, which is very obvious, is sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise especially combined with poor eating habits are the major culprit of the production of visceral fat. Unfortunately, there are other factors that may relate to the development of the said condition. Genetics plays a major role.

Some people are unlucky enough to have more fat content than others. Studies have proven that some individuals have the normal or healthy weight yet they still have large amounts of abdominal fat. Emotional stress too can contribute to the condition as well as lack of sleep are among others.

Age also plays a role in the development of visceral fat. The older you are, the most likely you will develop this fatty tissues around your abdomen. The reason behind is that older people lose a lot of muscle mass, leaving fat deposits behind.

There are a lot of ways to prevent this ugly occurrence from happening. The first and very important are diet and exercise. Fatty foods especially those high in caloric content should be avoided. Sweets and salty foods, which do not only contribute to hypertension but to production of visceral fats, should be avoided as well. A good exercise with the right combination of aerobic exercise and weights can really help a lot. For starters, a 30-minute jog four times a week will definitely make a huge difference.

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