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What is a Website Builder?

What is a Website Builder that a hosting company offers?

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Owning a piece of virtual estate, a website of your own is very desirable these days. However, not having the technical know how to actually program and build a website may be a deterrent. Hiring a professional can be costly and makes you dependable on him for every change or modification you would like to do on your website.

How good it would be to just make your websites in few simple clicks here and there and a little bit of typing! It is indeed possible!

Yes, it is very much possible to have professional looking website without ever learning the technical aspects of web production. This is made possible by special software called the Website Builder.

Website Builder

Various web hosting companies have developed their proprietary software with preset templates and designs from which a user can choose from. This is very much like going to a printer to get your visiting cards printed. All you need to provide is your name, designation, address and other information and choose a design from the printer's catalog and you are done without ever caring to know about actual printing technique.

Website builder too allows you to choose the size, color, design, font of your website and fits in your content in the page design of your choice. You can add pictures from the choice of pictures available or use your own picture by uploading it from your personal computer as well.

You have the option of keeping your website free in lieu of Google adverts on your website which helps your hosting company generate revenue and keep your site FREE. However, you will have to go for paid packages if you incorporate advanced features in your website and get more storage and bandwidth.

The best thing about a website builder is that you can learn to operate it and modify your website in no time. You can simply paste your content in ‘text boxes" and then can drag the box to fit anywhere on the page. You are free to increase of decrease the size of the content and can use any color schemes from the palette.

Website builder provides free, basic, and advanced packages. A basic package's inbuilt menu has various features like choice of professional photographs to use on your website, choice of music, video players, animation, text effects, creating logins and more, with around 20GB of space. A basic package can cost approx $5 per month.

The advanced package generally includes features like Google Adsense compatibility, ability to build a shopping cart and receive payments via credit cards along with site promotion features like submission to search engines. The space available for an advanced package user could be around 200MB and a full fledged ecommerce website can be maintained without caring to learn anything technical. An advanced package would cost approx $10 per month with a choice to pay annually at discounted rates.

So if lack of programming knowledge had been stopping you till now, you don't need to wait any further. With website builders like and and scores of other builders available on the net you can have your website up and running in less than 10 minutes! Go grab your place on the net

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