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What does "Seen by" mean in Facebook messages?

I noticed that there is now a "Seen by" friends name in Facebook messages, does that mean they looked at the message?

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Yes, the new online layout on now shows "Seen by" in messages opend by people you send the messages to. So if certain friends look at a Facebook Message it will show "Seen by" 'your friends name'. If the message was sent to multiple friends and everyone has viewed the message it will say "Seen by everyone".

Essentially, this "Seen by" message tells you who read your message and who didn't. Although, if someone got your message via email, they may have read your message, without going to or using one of the Facebook apps, which in that case you wouldn't see the "Seen by" listing.

That didn't answer the question. I have no idea what "seen by" means. Does it mean that people just visited that Wall, or does it mean that they actually physically clicked on the link in an OP to open it up and read it? If it just means that a person visited the Wall where the post appears, then it's a ridiculous feature because the viewer might never have as much as glanced or read the message, and never did see it even though the feature says otherwise.

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