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How to tell the last time someone was on facebook?

How can you tell the last time one of your friends was logged on to facebook?

6 Answers

The only real way to tell if someone is logged into facebook, is if you notice they are online in Facebook Chat. Or if you notice they have made a wall post, commented on something, or liked something.

actually you can now with the Facebook Messenger mobile app.

Probably a facebook application will be made , that do status-update automatically.
Last logon will be shown this way.

Is there any way I can tell when my husband last sign on Facebook or not?

Go to the messenger and search there name and click itit will have a green circle I they are active and will says "active and then however many minutes ago it was that they were active


my account is active but have not been on in years, how to I prove to wife I have not been on without logging in?

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