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Can a person detect if someone is spying on their Facebook profile wall?

Is it possible for a person to detect if someone is spying/ stalking their Facebook profile?

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There are NO applications or official public stats on Facebook that will tell you who is "facebook stalking" or spying on your facebook profile. The only way you can somewhat determine if they may be spying on your profile is if you continue to notice the persons picture in your Friends list sidebar (or friends photo box on the new Timeline profiles) and you have no interaction with the friend and never visit their profile. The other more obvious way you know they are looking at your profile, is if they comment, like or post on your wall.

If you're very observant, then yes, you can tell! I did a few months of experimentation on this, only to accidentally confirm my belief when something happened a few days ago that straight up told me that somebody in particular was viewing my profile. It was so funny! Unfortunately, this only works with SOME profile friends. If someone you haven't interacted with or someone new views your profile, there's really no way you can tell (unless they comment or make it obvious) since those factors also play into who shows up in your old profile left sidebar / new timeline top 6 friends box.

You have to be VERY observant, recognize certain patterns and things, and know what to look for to "get the hints." Not EVERYONE who shows up actually views your profile, and I had one person who constantly showed up for about 6 months who I know for sure wasn't looking at my profile, but a few others, I could tell what days (and somewhat the times) they viewed my page. At first, it was harder to tell, but these days, the people I'd expect are showing up much more often and those other random folks are pretty much no longer showing up anymore.
Few months of experimentation and a recent incident that confirmed my suspicions.

So I have this boy, we used to talk quite a lot for a month, then he kissed me and it all stopped but if what you say is right, he looks at my profile all the time because he is constantly in my top 6 friends box, is this right?? xx


How can find out someone is looking at my profile on facebook, I know I had ten fb stalkers looking at fb but I couldn't open it up! Please help!
Thank you!


Yes, you have to look at Code Source then hit CTRL and G then type in viewer and look for the right numbers then paste those first numbers behind the back slash after the word Facebook then go see the profile reported yours, do this first thing when you get unblocked.

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