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How does facebook determine which friends to display on chat?

Is there any reason to what friends are displayed in the Facebook chat list side bar? Is the friend list on facebook chat based on who view my profile most?

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So, I've been looking at my chat list and, besides noticing that it's alphabetical, I've noticed that the maximum amount of friends it shows is about half of my FB friends, and not just any half, it is the 1st half - that's to say that it shows me all of the people I've befriended since opening my account until 3 months ago - no more no less. I have had interactions with some of the others, which include messages, likes, visits.

Why is this and how can I see my other friends?


Why can't I see all my friends on my side bar that are on chat I only see a few and the rest of the bar is news and other stuff that wants me to follow,this just changed all of a sudden.

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