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How are the 8 friends pictures chosen in your Facebook profile Timeline?

How does facebook chose the top 8 friends photos in your Facebook profile in the upper right corner of Timeline? What determines the reasoning behind why these 8 friends are selected to show up in this friends box on your profile?

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The 8 friends shown in your Facebook Timeline friends box are determined by a number of factors, but mostly they will show friends that you appear to be closer with from interactions on facebook. These 8 friends may be your closest friends, family members, crushes, facebook stalkers or just friends that have recently viewed your profile. While the 8 friends box will still show some random friends every so often as well, however most of the time the larger percentage of friends will be those who you are seen to connected closer with as determined by Facebook’s friend algorithm.

A number of factors seem to contribute to the reasons why you will see certain friends photos show up more often in your 8 Friends picture box on your own profile. These factors include:

- Interactions on facebook (recently and over time). Recent interactions play a large role, especially if someone has recently viewed your profile page.
- Profile views (they've viewed your profile and/ or you've viewed their profile - Total amount of views when compared to other friends profiles viewed)
- Photos that you've been tagged in (or have tagged your friends).
- Wall posts
- Likes
- Comments (on your posts or comments you’ve made on your friends wall posts or pictures)
- Photos viewed (they've viewed your pictures, and/or you've viewed theirs)
- Online - Friends who are currently Online (or recently been online for Random people that might show up)
- Chat - Facebook IM chat messages between each other
- Private messages sent between friends
- Any "mutual interactions" between yourself and your friends will likely play a bigger role in determining who your “closer” 8 friends may be.
- If you've added friends to your "Close Friends" group, typically at least 2 of these "Close" friends will be shown in the 8 friends box.

Facebook most likely takes into account who’s friends profiles (and photos) you view and who your friends view. And then compares these amount of profile views in relation to all your friends (or in the case of your friends, what other of their friends profiles and photos they view more often). So if facebook notices that one of your friends views your profile more often than their other friends profiles, then more than likely this friends picture will start showing up in your friends box, especially if you view their profile.

While these 8 friends pics do seem to change frequently, and still have around 2 random friends showing up to mix things up, overall your friends who show up in your 8 friends list box, are much more likely to be "connected" to you on some level, as compared to your other friends who don't show up very often. 

Keep in mind, because everyone has different friends, different amounts of friends and different types of relationships, everyone will have a slightly different reasoning as to why certain people show up in the 8 friends box. And facebook is always tweaking it’s code that determines these factors, so the reason why certain friends show up may always be changing slightly.

But at the end of the day there's definitely a number of key factors that go into Facebook’s top secret friend algorithm that determine why certain friends photos show up in the 8 friends box at the top your Facebook Timeline profile. And more than likely it’s because they are your best friends, closest friends, family members, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, your facebook crushes, facebook stalkers, and/or friends that have recently interacted with you or checked out your profile. 

But if that were the case wouldn't the 6 friends at the top of your timeline and the 8 be the same people?

Obviously, since almost like CLOCKWORK for MONTHS I've had the SAME basic people, there's an 'interaction based decision' happening there -
What's horrible is when this changes....
Friends lose interest, start caring less, and you see them show up on other people's grouping when they claim they don't speak or interact with them.

That's when things start to suck.


i think that the people in the upper corner are the one that visit your profile..and the other box on the profile is for the people that you visit and interact more..maybe im not right, it's just a speculation...i am waiting for someone else to answer.

I agree. I hope this is true because the guy I like is on both boxes. The 6 and the 8. I rarely creep him. But my cousin i know creeps me all the time. She is on there. But what doesn't make since is that my enemy is on there. I don't interact with her at all. Maybe she creeps me.

You may interested in seeing your "keesh list" of friends which assigns a some point of closeness to each of your friends. That's really amazing. see this:

the 6 at the top i think are people you've messaged

the 6 people are profiles YOU have used and the 8 people are profiles that have visited YOU. I think, because it makes sense on mine..:L

I am starting to agree with the person above...I think the six are people you've interacted whether it's viewing profile, liking, commenting, etc and the eight are people who have visited or interacted the same with you with your through posts, updates, photos, links, etc. you've done.
I very seldom go through people's timelines or profiles, but I do interact through the news feed that way...
I also think it's a few days behind since someone interacted with you or vice versa...what do you all think?

No way.
The small tiny box with 6 = random. Because there are people on there right now that I haven't interacted with in AGES. Like 2 to 3 out of the 6, I have interacted. But the rest, no way.

This can't be true. My dead best friend has popped up on my top 8 more than once this week. He's been dead for almost 4 years.

I have one person on my top 8 friends list that has been constant on the list. Their picture shows in the same exact position on the list (bottom right corner) no matter how many times I refresh the page or when I come back to it. Everyone else picture changes regularly and rotates position in the box. Can anyone explain this to me? Does this person have some type of software or means not known to the masses that allow them to do this? Does this mean that this individual is somehow tracking my activity? I have very little, if any interaction at all, with this individual. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I've had the exact same thing happen to me. Can someone shed some light to this please. –  trace  Oct 28th, 2012 at 2:26 AM

Is there any way to change this? One of the people who shows up all the time is someone I'd like to forget about and move forward from, but it's pretty difficult to do this when they're CONSTANTLY on my top friends.... anyone?

Well, something I've found interesting that that you can view your profile as if you were one of your friends viewing your profile. Kinda like seeing your profile through the eyes of someone else. To do this, you click the gear button under your cover photo and next to the "activity log" button and select "view as." A bar will appear at the top and you can type in any friend whose eyes you'd like to see your profile from. When you do that, the little 6 at the top will change depending on who you're view your profile as. So if I view my timeline as my friend Bob, mutual friends of ours who I seems to interact with often are shown in the little 6. But sometimes when I view my profile as Bob, the little 6 will have people who are not mutual friends of Bob and I and these people appear to be completely random because I have little to no interaction with them and they don't seem like the type of people who would be viewing my profile often. So I feel like your little 6 can be totally random for some people, but usually includes 5-6 people who you interact with, and whose profiles you view a lot. The little 6 also seems to change every time and draws from a large pool of people, rather than just cycling through the same 10 friends or so.
However, the big 8 remains constant no matter who I view my timeline as and usually cycles between 10-12 different people on a given day/weekish. It's obvious why some of these people appear in my big 8; either they have commented on my status, or liked a picture of mine recently, or we've been tagged in the same picture (or album) recently, or they are one of my "top friends." But there are a few who puzzle me. Those who's profile I do not frequent, who haven't liked or commented on anything of mine (or me on anything of their's), who don't private message or chat me or even have many of mutual friends with. I've decided that these people are showing up on my big 8 for 1 of 2 reasons: either their incorporation to my big 8 is completely random and they have just been put on the 10-12 person cycle at random, OR they happen to be frequent visitors to my profile and I have identified some of my frequent FB stalkers. I think that it is the latter personally. What does everyone think? Are my experiences and observations congruent with yours?

I think it must be that when someone interacts on several different ways on F B it moves a person onto this list. I have watched for patterns on this and I finally found it. Now I think I will be seeking a new romantic interest because the pattern I see indicates an interest outside our relationship. stay on your toes folks, it is a real shark fest out there anymore.

I have got a weird one in my top 8. I had a crush I was slightly stalking. Then I found out he had a girlfriend. He got downgraded to regular person status. Basically that means I see your posts when I see them instead of seeking them out. I comment on some (since it has been established we are pretty similar, he posts stuff I would be into about a third of the time) -- in the same frequency I comment on the other people I comment on the most. I have about 20-25 people who likely get a daily like or comment. He occasionally comments on mine. He is now a regular in my top 8. We have one mutual friend. And we each have 500+ friends.....does that mean he is my facebook stalker? I don't visit his profile at all. Or really many profiles.

I agree with everyone that says it has to be "stalkers" i think fb is keeping a couple that actually are just a lot of interactions. because on my chat list, the ones that show up at the top. They are my best friends, and they never change. I know this for a fact since i have the most interactions and then tagged pics etc with them.

although theres always a select few that show up that are random. Today a guy who I thought was cute was in the top part of my chat, but that was the first time he showed up there. Ive searched from him other times before and he was shown at the way bottom of my friends list. Which in a way proves that he was just "stalking me" And its not people that I stalk, because I haven't visite their pages ever.. so it has to be just a way of fb letting us see who stalks us without really telling us cz that goes against their "privacy rules"

See the discussion under the "6 friends box" question. This is mentioned a lot.

I just wanted to say that they've changed this algorithm recently and I think it updates more frequently to show people who have recently viewed your profile. I think those people stay around in the 8 box longer than randoms, or people who've only commented or liked something of yours.

The other night my husband logged in and viewed something on my profile page while I was there with him. A few minutes later my 8 box updated to include him...and he's been there for a couple of days. It used to be that the 8 box only updated every evening at 5pm PST--which it always does updated something at that time--but more recently the 8 box will update suddenly and on no certain schedule with those who (in my guess) are viewers of your profile.

This is not true. I have a friends who has been suffering in military where all kinds of electric devices are BANNED for a year and he's constantly appearing in my 8 box. I do hope that there's connection between interaction and 8 box though.
Yes, that's because people appear in the 8 box for different reasons. Sometimes facebook wants to remind you of certain friends, especially if you were in touch with them a lot before they went in the military. –  portlandia  Oct 9th, 2012 at 9:47 AM

I was tracking this by refreshing my page 20 times, here were my findings. For the 6 at the top of my timeline, there were 26 different people in the twenty times I refreshed. One person showed up only once, five people showed up twice, three people showed up three times, two people showed up four times, four people showed up five times, five people showed up six times, three people showed up seven times, one person eight times and one person nine times. I'll separate the groups into three or fewer repeats, six to three repeats and nine to six repeats.

People who appeared 1 to 3 times include two old crushes who I used to stalk all the time but not so much anymore, four people I never interact with on facebook, a good friend who I chat with a lot, my brother, and one person I used to chat with a lot but haven't in about 3 months. People who appeared 4 to 6 times include two people labeled as close friends, my dad, five people that I moderately interact with, three people who I never interact with, and the person whose page I have been currently view a lot (ie my crush). People that appear 7 to nine times include 3 people who I have moderate interactions with and two people who I never interact with on facebook.

These findings cause me to believe that the six at the top reflect who you interact with most. This includes people you have viewed and people who have viewed you, while some are random, the ones that appear the most are the interaction heavy ones.

As for the eight farther down and to the right on timeline, I found something interesting. Only fourteen people showed up, and when they did it was in groups never mixed. So the first 7 times I refreshed my page, I got the same eight people. The next 7 times I got six new people and two people from the original group (the two originals were the same every time) The next three times I got the original group and the last three times I got the second group. My dad and my friend Kalley showed up every time and the others switched off.

The fourteen included six people on my volleyball team which makes sense because we are all tagged in tons of pictures together (my friend Kalley is in this group). One person in the second group was my best friend, but we rarely interact on facebook (we usually stick to tumblr) but she is on my close friends list. One person was someone who I was chatting with for about three hours last night, two are people I rarely interact with on facebook, but recently I said happy birthday to one and she liked it and I liked the other's status the other day. Three are friends from my old school with whom I have moderate connectivity, and of course my dad, and I have had a couple statuses about him because he was visiting last week.

I think that the eight people farther down on the timeline are people with whom you have had recent interactions and they really have nothing to do with closeness of friendship or page views.

So basically the top six are people who you have interacted with the most overtime and the lower eight are people you have most recently interacted with. I hope this helps you guys!

Well.. mine went crazy today, now its featuring people I barely have contact with; and if I go to my friends list, where the closest to me were always at the top, now shows that people I have on my list becase... dunno... they're friends of my friends.

I actually did some clean up after this happened.

I agree with both Portlandia and Katy. I've noticed the top 6 are a rotation of about 25 to 26 different people that either have interacted with me, I've interacted (or stalked ha ha), and then my parents because I've identified them as my parents in the About Me section. I don't have close friends or anything like that listed or tagged.

The Top 8 is what's interesting. I am speculating it's people you've interacted with you recently or vice versa.
As of right now, my top 8 has an old friend whom I've mutually interacted with in the last two weeks, one where I liked a photo yesterday (not sure if he's viewed anything of mine, but I do check out his profile every couple weeks or so), another where I liked a friend's photo album on Saturday, another I haven't made an interaction with, but I do know we read each other's stuff on FB, and the other four are people who've liked some of my recent photos/status updates in the last few weeks (my fans if you will!)

The Top 8 changes on a daily basis as well.

I think we need to be clear that we are viewing timelines on a browser versus an iPhone or BB app. I say that cause I've noticed the top six on the iPhone app doesn't change very much versus the timeline viewed on Safari or Firefox.

Of my top 8 on timeline, only three of the people are ones I've had any kind of recent interaction with. One I briefly messaged, and two liked a photo of mine. They others I've had no facebook contact with in a long time. I've tried testing different theories with a friend of mine to see if we could get each other to show up in one another's top 8s but it hasn't worked. I don't think this has any type of method to it, I think it is just facebook being random.

I think it has something to do with who you interact with too because i have only just started commenting and liking a few things of an old friend and now they are in my friends box all of the time and also i wrote on a friends wall last night and this morning they were there.
i also think it could have something todo with who looks at your profile too.

What i want to know is if the people you see on your 8 friends box are the same friends when someone else views your profile, or vice versa when you view someones profile
There will be a different set of friends when you view your profile vs someone else viewing your profile. –  Answers  Oct 28th, 2012 at 2:28 AM

Facebook will never admit it, but profile views has to be one of the top factors in why anyone shows up in the boxes and sidebar. The best way to tell is the chat sidebar 23, because that is the only one where you don't have to refresh the page to see it updated. Occasionally one or two names will swap in, and one or two others will swap out. Note that these names aren't necessarily online, and the ones who are won't show up in the "also online" area.. The new names are likely those who have RECENTLY viewed your profile, but also note the ones that have swapped out. They are likely ones who haven't viewed your profile OFTEN. My guess is that the people who are always on this list are both: people who view your profile often and recently. In my experience this girl I recently met and that I like would swap in and out of the list but as I've viewed her profile (and I'm guessing, she viewed mine) her name has been on the list permanently while others have swapped. The list is alphabetical helping it have the appearance of randomness, and there are probably a couple wildcards thrown in there but I'm sure the boxes and list show your interactions, with views (yours or theirs) at or near the top of the priority in the algorithm.

Remember between the boxes and sidebar there are 37 faces viewable on your timeline at all times. If it were completely random you would expect at some point to see every single one of your friends. Clearly that's not what's happening.

My question is what if someone (for me, this girl I like) shows up in all three areas at once?

I think the top 6 are the ones you have recently interacted with. Pokes, comments, likes, etc.

I'm very confused as to the top eight. I think those are who last viewed your profile, mixed in with some random ones. But I'm even more confused when you click on your friends list and the ranking order that way.

hi, I think that the "6 box" will always show your mutual friends if you check your friend`s timeline. On your own timeline i believe it will show those ppl you have the most friends in common. I am not sure about the "8box" but on my timeline it shows ppl they regularly like pictures of me, or comment them. However my parents like everything i post and usually comment as well and they still not shown in my 8 box.

I've thought that the 6 who appear in the box at the top are people who have recently viewed your page on their mobile device and the 8 people in the middle of the screen are the people who visit your profile the most, overall, over a given time period, that changes, but def. has a cycle that repeats.

I think in both boxes it's random...

the 6 friends box always change if you refresh the page.

the 8 friends box always show people whom i rarely/never (just added) interact with and one or sometimes none whom i've recently interacted (liked something/chat/message/comment). the people i stalk never appear on this box. ive also found out that if someone else looks at your profile, the list might change.

also sometimes the list stays the same for many weeks, regardless of the interaction and activities...

Have you noticed that the same person always appears in the bottom right hand corner of your 8 friends? You can refresh the page all you want, and that same exact person will always appear in that same bottom right corner.The other 7 wil be the same as well, however they jumble around. I noticed something very interesting today. If you "view your profile" as someone else (or from another FB account), anyone, it will show those same 7 people, but replace the 8th person with someone else. It will be a common friend if you have one, or just another random person if you don't. My theory is that the 8th person (the bottom right corner) is your biggest stalker. I think FB replaces that person to protect you and your stalker!
I forgot to also mention that it is the 8 people during the day until about 5pm or so. After that time in the evening, it seems just random. Next day that person will be back in the 8th place. –  SockMonkeyGirl  Nov 28th, 2012 at 12:13 AM

sockmonkeygirl, you almost have it right I think. My bottom corner person doesn't stay the same, but I did an experiment with one of my friends. That corner person always stayed the same no matter how many times I went to the page. When I viewed it as someone else (third party account), I realized that corner person was me, and viewed from the third account it didn't stay in the same place but moved about with the rest of the icons.

Then I viewed my account as a friend who happened to be in my 8. When viewed as that person, his icon was replaced by a mutual friend, and it always stayed in that bottom right position.

Conclusion - if that bottom right friend doesn't move on an account, it's probably you.

i know a girl who definitly viewed my profile and clicked like to a pic 2 weeks ago that i posted in april 2012. i have never viewed her profile and had no interaction with her previously , but since i was notified i kept on clicking on my own profile to see if she was on the 8 friends list but she never appeared. but i think we all want to know our stalkers but also i dont think the same 8-16 people keep viewing my profile everyday so im going to ask a number of my friends who have never appeared to view funny pics i posted a few months back and if they show, well then we know. after i get the results ill post it up
i asked a number of friends to view a number of funny pics in my profile. 2 people did view my profile one was a girl i know and she clicked like to 9 funny pics i had up and the other was a lad who viewed a number of pics through his girlfriends account, neither one of them appeared on the 8 friends list. –  baah88  Dec 9th, 2012 at 8:54 PM

More often than not when I haven't heard from someone in a long time and
- I just recently bumped into them in the streets
- or I went out with a common friend
- or I called someone up
- I haven't viewed their profile nor commented/messaged them and
- there weren't any pictures taken or anyone tagged
I still suddenly see their face showing up in that top 6 friends box
Which to me seems as if they just recently thought about me, heard about me and went on to view my profile.
I'm not trying to toot my own horn here but it's just something I noticed so personally I'm a 100% sure that people who viewed your profile recently are a BIG factor in who shows up in that 6 friends box!

Ok ok ok, I figured it out for the top 6. If you leave your cursor on your friend.... if you have a star for close friend, those are the ones that change out. If you change that friend to acquaintance, they switch out. I was so excited to think someone was constantly looking at my page until I changed how close we were. See what you come up with. When I did change my closeness, someone else I'm "close" with replaced them. Rats!

first of all, nothing in computers is random. Varying algorithms give the impression of "randomness" but nothing is random in computers. So for anyone saying its completely random, you're either unfamiliar with how things work in the computer world, or you're hoping its random because the friends being listed is scaring you, either because deep down you think its either people you've been stalking or people who have been stalking you.

The fact that I've seen tons of people obsessing over this question and that no one has really yet to figure out how to control the friends that appear on the list tells me that there's a lot more to it and the programmers at facebook have developed (and I believe continue to develop) something ingenious that basically taps into our patterns of thinking, to be more specific... how we socially interact and how we non-verbally interact with each other. For example, anyone ever noticed someone looking at you, knowing that they want to be with you or want to ask you out, but they never actually say anything to you. Or another example, we've all seen movies where two people break up but they can't stop thinking of each other, and then one goes to call the other but they don't and the other person is thinking about doing the same thing, but they don't. I think facebook is mimicking the things we do with one another, and if you considered the person good enough to accept them as a friend on your facebook, than at one point you considered an actual friendship or more. I know this isn't to be entirely true, some people collect friends on facebook just to say they have a lot of friends, but maybe they've been looking at your page a lot more than you might think. Not only that, but if you suddenly one day decided to check out their page, then it's kind of like you returning all the looks they've been giving you. Scary, right? Sometimes we just smile at others to be nice, but they think it's more. What if facebook was doing the same thing.

I remember watching the movie about facebook, social network, and one of the final touches he added was statuses... letting people know if your in a relationship or single. What if the whole point of this was to connect people that in some way thought about each other, whether one did it, or the other, or both. I read on another post that that her list constantly includes her brother, her boyfriend and her tool of an ex. Brother makes sense, boyfriend makes sense, but why the tool of an ex? Without knowing the full story, why would someone keep their tool of an ex on their friends list? Unless the person is harboring some emotion toward that person still and possibly the other person is still obsessing and stalking her page. However, the fact remains that if the ex-boyfriend was un-friended he would no longer appear on the list. I once had an ex-girlfriend who called her ex-boyfriend an a-hole and a deadbeat, but after we broke up, she got back with him. I'm pretty sure that statistically I'm not the only person who's ever seen that happen. My ex called me names too i'm sure, but held onto my number and then one day broke up with him and got back with me. Don't judge, but the point is these things happen, and most people spill it out on social networks.

I'm not saying facebook would be reading your messages to try and purposely put your ex or someone you know has it bad for you on top of the list, but your patterns and their patterns verbal or not ultimately give you away. If there's one thing I know about people is that anything that can happen probably will happen. Anyone who is addicted to social networking becomes predictable. If I get to know someone long enough in person, I can tell what they are and aren't likely to do. It's the shy and quiet people who hardly ever interact that are harder to read. This should be common sense to most. Same rules apply to facebook imo.

I've read through most of the posts here and in most other places and while i haven't done my own tests like some others have, I'd like to believe that it has something to do with interactions and desired interactions (aka people stalking each other).

In order to really understand it, I think people would have to message the people in the top 8 that don't really seem make any sense as to why they are there, strike up a conversation, and pry for some information that might get them to divulge that maybe they have been looking at your page. Realistically though, I feel most people won't want to do this, out of a fear of discovering that they were right and that person is in fact stalking or on the flip side that person will say they haven't (even if they have) to avoid embarassment, and say they haven't viewed their profile.

So that being the case, I think the only way to really test it to get honest results would be if multiple folks came together online and did a social experiment to create multiple accounts where the only purpose of those accounts is to simulate and test out different scenarios (family scenarios, friend scenarios, relationship scenarios, cheater scenarios, stalker scenarios, business scenarios, etc). It would have to be a test that goes on over the natural course of time, because i'm guessing the algorithm facebook has put into place, has taken all these things into account... time, relationships, obsessions, personalies, impulses, chatting vs viewing... even things like a person breaking out of character and their typical habits.

For example our banks no our spending habits better than our closest family or friends. We're creatures of habit and I'm fairly certain facebook has our patterns decently figured out. The more time you spend on facebook, the better it gets to know you and your habits.

We're each unique, but collectively we become somewhat predictable, however the reason I think everyone is getting different results is because of our uniqueness factor. But our uniqueness isn't something we define when we create our accounts, it's something we define as time goes forward.

it's an algorithm that the programmers of facebook continue to feed variables into, it's unlikely any one individual will ever crack the algorithm, because of the human factor. Collectively however, I think the consensus is that people don't feel it's all that random, though occasionally it may seem like someone was thrown in at random, it's likely some other factor that kicked that person onto your list. Someone cracking the algorithm would be like someone finally creating artificial intelligence the way we see it in movies. To sum up, I believe the "randomness" isn't all that random. It seems more like a combination of a complex algorithm that adjusts according to our patterns and our friends patterns. It's pretty obvious that facebook doesn't want us to know, because that would be like a third party seeing someone check you out and then calling them out on it in front of you.

I think the 6 friend box is a mix of who YOU have visited and who has visited you. 3 and 3. I believe this because I clicked on a friend in the 8 friend box, and then when I went back to my profile, the person popped up in the 6 friend box 7/10 times. I also think the 8 friend box is the people who view your profile the most, mixed with 2 random friends. The friends rotate every week or so, from a group of about 20. That is my theory. I would say the 8 friend box is who you view the most because of this one person I stalk(i know), but some other people always show up that I never view. Also, I can't explain why when I wrote on a friends wall, that same hour they popped up in my 8 friend box and they are not part of the 20 friend rotation. It might be a temporary thing because it was a public interaction, but I am not sure.

To continue my response, I can say for sure that none of this is random. My best evidence I guess is the fact that 2 girls I know have had feelings for me pop up in both the 6 and 8 friend box. Not trying to sound full of myself, I wouldn't be saying this if I knew it was true.

can u help with this plz. I have 3 category frnds
1. Always on 6, so frequently, but not on 8
2. Sometimes on 8, but not on 6
3. Mostly on 6, and on 8 for short period

my conclutions are-- 1. mutual side stalkers maybe, also oneside ( frnd end) stalking may be added
2. viewed ur status or profile but not for long
3. see updates of u bt nt a stalker
...what u think??

I really need help to figure this one out. I've been trying to establish the appearance of someone in my 6 box. He is my crush, and about 4 months ago I was visiting his profile daily, multiple times a day. From a mobile device pretty much exclusively. Overall, we have had very little interaction on fb; during the time I was "stalking" his profile, I sent him multiple private messages which he never answered. He read them, because it said "seen" but never responded. Around 3 months ago, I just gave up. I stopped messaging completely, and have maybe viewed his profile two or three times in the last 3 months. I have not had public interaction with him on fb in the last 5 months, no likes, no photo views or comments.

Occassionally when he posts a status update I will click on it and read it but I also don't do that very often anymore. I am still seeing him in my 6 box. Will he be there until I unfriend him completely, just because of the one sided "stalking" I did a few months ago? Or is he visiting my profile? When I type in the first two letters of his name, he is the fourth person listed, after three people who are my family members, even though there is a person who has the same first letters with whom I have way more public interaction.

I am pretty desperate to know because well, I have an idea why he never responded to my messages (I'm married and he is much younger than I) and I am pretty sure that he had feelings for me based on his behavior in real life. If there is anything there on his part because I need reassurance I am not crazy

Has the keesh list stopped working for anyone else?

Also, I agree with Anonymous about the 8-friend list.

I agree that nothing in computer-land is random. (Kindof. You can program a random number generator, but I don't think that's very Facebook-esque.)

I also suspect FB may be measuring interactions that occur outside of FB, given that it collects contact information from email, websites visited and mobile phones.

Let's organize the experiment outlined by justsumguy or hire some mad-skilled hackers and put an end to the guessing.

Any clue why one friend in my 8 friend box does not move when I refresh my profile page? The friend stays in the bottom right hand corner, or the last spot while every other friend moves around when I refresh it.

the 8 people in the box on your timeline is the people that just recently looked on your page. Yes this is the correct answer.

I agree with anonymous, but a lot of the same people rotate every week or so. And again, this one friend in the box, (the one with the star in my example), is on their for like a week straight while others change. Plus, some days the person stays in that spot and does not move around the box everytime I refresh like others do. What does that mean?

Friend Friend Friend Friend

Friend Friend Friend Friend*

First of all, I can only speak for German Facebook, but here I don't get the phenomenon that one person does not change his or her position in the 8 friend box. They all rotate.

Second of all, I made my own thoughts about the 8 friend box, did some "empirical" research and got some interesting results. Here is what I did:

I used the script by Jeremy Keeshin (here obviously referred to as the "keesh list", am I right? I am talking about this script: Than I also got lucky to observe how one person on this 8 friend box changed within one page reload (which doesn't happen very often) and a few hours later I observed another change. Now that I have observed 2 changes I was able to tell that in both times it was the same "spot" that changed its "occupier", because the other 7 people in the 8 friend box remained the same, while one person changed twice. This made we wonder and I went to compare these 8 people with the list I get from the script from Jeremy Keeshin. Now all the people I have in my 8-box friend list are somehow high in the list by Jeremy Keeshin (among the top 50 I would say, and that means a lot concerning the length of this list).

First thing I found was that the three persons who last occupied the 8th "spot" in the 8-friend-box a very close to each other in the list by Jeremy Keeshin and also the last on this list to appear in the 8-friend-box. This made we wonder why this is the case and why nobody lower in the list by Jeremy Keeshin than that three persons have occupied the 8th spot in the 8-friend-box. The only assumption that makes sense that definitely my own ranking of my friends (how much facebook thinks I search for them) plays a keyrole in who appears in the 8-friend box. But it could not be the only factor, because, obviously, most of the people very high in the Keeshin list do not appear in the 8-friend box. I tried to isolate all the factors that play a role as well and came up with a rough list:
a) private interaction (messages, poking)
b) public interaction (likes, comments, posts)
c) mutual friends
d) anonymous interaction (page views, albums views, etc.)

As for my list, I could prove wrong the hypothesis that any of the factors a-c ALONE could suffice to decide, in combination with my own "stalking factor" (Keeshin-list) of that person, who appears in the 8-friend-box. I cannot prove that it is d) alone which is the second factor, but I consider it very unlikely. This for me gave rise to the following idea: What if facebook actually maintains a list like the one produced by the Keeshin scripts and compares your "stalk"-factor with that of the person, i.e. something we could call "mutual interest"? If the factors are close enough, i.e. the difference between my stalk factor to person X and his or her stalk factor to me is low enough, than the person appears in the 8-friend box. So the 8 friend box either represents the persons with the least difference in their mutual "stalk" factor or it represents this difference combined with the factor how high the person is in your Keeshin list. I think the second option is far more likely because there are, for sure, a lot of persons about whom I don't give a sh** and they don't do either. But those people do not appear in the 8-friend-box, because, as I mentioned at the beginning, all the people in the 8-friend-box are very high in the Keeshin list, compared to all the other people on that list.

So my theory for the 8-friend-box is: It is a list of the people with the least difference in their "stalk factor" to each other AND who at same time are the eight highest persons in your own Keeshin or "stalk" list. As for me, this works and explains everything. But this is not an objective study, so my question - does this work for you as well?

Best Regards

@anonymous- how do you explain this situation.....i communicate with my bf basically through phone, but we had a fight for long period and dont communicate through phone anymore but he is on my fb.
> i dont stalk him, i lost interest, bt smtime peak on ticker, avoid click on his things as much as possible, and dont go to his profile
> he is so much on 6 box, always on CF suggestion ( bt rotating position), on offline chat bar serial now 7 (before he was on 4)
> he is not in my 8 box and position on frndlist is on the middle of total frnd list
....................has he stopped stalking me?? Please share wht u think..

The 6 friend box is partly people who you look up. Do this. Search a friend in the search box, click on their profile and soon they will show up on your 6 friend box. But the 8 friend box is different. Again, anyone know why the one person in the 8 friend box doesn't move position when I refresh my profile?

I am pretty sure I have figured out the non-moving lower right corner picture! Do you notice how you never see yourself on anyone's profile anymore (in the 8 pictures)? The person is the lower right replaces YOUR picture. But in almost all cases, it is someone you know well...based on fb interactions. You can try this out a couple of ways. If you can log in as someone else who knows this person, you can see if you are on there. You can also use the 'view as' option on your own profile. I have a friend who has been on my profile a lot. When I do a 'view as' with her name, I see a mutual friend of ours...always in that lower right box. I know I am on my husband's profile (viewed from my son's account), but when I look at his profile, I see a mutual friend that I am much closer to than he is. It confused me, but then it all started to make sense. Test it out!
Yes that's true. But what I want to know, for example when I view as with my friend X profile, I see mutual friends of ours. But those friends, are they closer to me, or to my friend X? –  BlackSky  Dec 31st, 2012 at 5:40 AM
Hey BlackSky...from what I have seen, the person in that box is closer to you. As an example, my husband and I have a mutual friend that I communicate with regularly, but he hasn't communicated with in over a year. That's the picture that replaces mine in the lower right corner. I have never seen it be someone closer to the other person...always me. I always thought of that corner as the "stalker" corner, but it makes more sense now :-) –  Holiday11  Jan 2nd, 2013 at 4:59 PM

The one person in my box that does not move, I am also in the persons 8 friend box even if I can't see myself I know. I "stalk" the person a decent amount, and a mutual friend appears where I should be but of course facebook won't show you that you are on there. So basically what I'm saying is I guess I figured out that we both stalk each others profile and are both equally guilty lol
I think you're right. Same for me. –  BlackSky  Dec 31st, 2012 at 8:53 AM
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