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How do the eight friends on facebook timeline profile get chosen? What about the lower left person? Always the same person... Why?

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Yes. Please let's discuss the lower left person among the 8. I always have the same guy there (a guy I have a crush on, but never have interacted with on FB). I do view his profile a lot - so maybe that's the most logical explanation why he's always there. The thing is though. I do view a lot of people on FB (since I'm spending all days in front of the computer) - but they never show up in the lower left. Why is that?

I really think this is interesting.

I think both bottom left and right have something to do with mutual profile views. I need some opinions as well!

For me, it is the bottom two on the right that stay the same. My friends box is on the right side of my profile, so perhaps it's different if your friends box is on the left side of your profile.

I recently did several 'experiments' and found that these two spots belong to my #2 and #3 FB friends.

So, the 8-people look something like:

Random | Random | Random | Random
Random | Random | Friend #1 | Friend #2

The randoms rotate, but the two in the bottom right never move, unless they happen to be in the random 6-person rotation.

I'm not sure how your top FB friends are determined, but it probably has something to do with FB interaction - not sure whether mutual or not. When you view your timeline, the 8 people who appear in your friends box are different for other people who look at your page.

There are also 6 friends who appear in a tiny thumbnail grid. These come from a list of 25 friends (Facebook's chosen 'top friends') and rotate. Refresh the page, and the 6-person grid is rearranged, swapping in and out people of the top 25.

If you want to figure out how FB ranks your friends, there is an experiment you can do (time consuming) which was first conducted by Brendan on another thread (as not to steal credit):

1. Put one of the 25 friends that show up in the box on your Acquaintances list. They will no longer show up on in the six friends box, but a new friend will pop up. The new friend is #26 in Facebook's ranking. Repeat to find friend #27, #28, and so on.

2. Once you get up to Friend 50, you can find the rankings of your first 25 friends by putting Friends #26-#49 (24 friends) in Close Friends. They'll show up in the six-box with Friend #1. Then put Friend #1 in Acquaintances and repeat, you'll get Friend #2 showing up.

When I did the experiment, I noticed that when I moved my #1-25 friends to "acquaintances," my #26 friend took the #1 spot - that is what tipped me off that the two bottom right spots are your top friends - whether or not by common pictures, common fb stalking, one-way fb stalking, similar groups, etc. - I don't know.

Well, the bottom right person is someone i used to talk to a lot and liked their stuff once in a while, but i stopped talking to them/interacting in any way the last 2 weeks (only kept visiting their profiles) and they disappeared from this place on my friends. Yesterday I posted a new photo of me and this person appeared again in the same place, and i'm still not interacting with them yet. I think it's for profile views. (the person visiting me). I truly hope it is.

the boy i like literally is always in one of the spots every time i refresh i i really hope its that he creeps on my profile

idk know why this happens but when i refresh my page they change


How can I change one of the photos on my Facebook page where they choose the eight friends for u ..over where is says friends

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