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What Can be Done After Dropping a Cell Phone in Water?

What can I do after I've dropped my cell phone in water?

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Do not despair if you drop your cell phone in the water because it can still be salvaged. The first thing to do before you panic is to take it out of the water right away. Time is important here and you should not let it in the water for a few more seconds. What you can try to do is take out the battery and let all parts of the cell phone to dry.

Remove the Battery

A cell phone that has fallen in the water may be damaged permanently if not taken out of the water immediately. The first sensible thing to do is remove the battery to avoid short circuit which could damage the phone permanently. Get a dry towel and dry the battery, then leave to dry completely. You will need to replace the battery but at least you are able to salvage the cell phone. Should the old battery work again, it is best not to use it anymore because it might leak and damage the cell phone.

Take It Apart

Get an absorbent towel and dry the cell phone thoroughly. Use cotton swabs to sip the water in the crevices and fragile circuits. Disassemble the parts of the cell phone and dry them one by one. Before you do it, make sure you know how to put it back together. For a sliding or flip cell phone, leave it open for it to dry completely.

Avoid Mineral Damage

If a cell phone gets soaked in liquid other than pure water such as beverage or salt water, rinse the cell phone right away with fresh water to get rid of the chemical that may damage the cell phone. You can try rinsing the cell phone with alcohol. The alcohol will help remove the mineral and microscopic substances. It will help also in evaporating the fluid. It is better to use an alcohol with a concentration of 95% rather than the rubbing alcohol with a concentration of only 70%.

Let It Dry

When the phone is totally clean, leave it to dry in a dry place or near an air conditioner for three days. After three days that’s when you replace the battery and turn it on. Make sure it is totally dry because a little moisture present in the cell phone can damage it when turned on. It could lead to short circuit. You can put the wet cell phone in a container of rice grains to let it dry. Keep the phone totally covered with rice grains.
Warranty Likely Voided

You can try claiming for insurance if your phone has one but the manufacturer will possibly know and can tell if the cause of the damage is because it was dropped in water. Usually, the insurance does not cover the damage or replacement if the cell phone was dropped in water or in any case in beverage or salt water.

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