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How can I get speaker wire from stereo receiver Binding post terminal that doesn't unscrew?

I'm trying to remove a speaker wire from the back of a my Yamaha stereo receiver/amplifier. The binding post just turns around, but does not unscrew. Is the terminal post stripped out? How can I get speaker wire out without breaking the terminal? Can’t remove a stuck speaker wire from stereo terminal, NEED HELP!!!

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So if you've just tried unscrewing the stereo binding post with a crescent wrench and the terminal post knob just keeps turning without unscrewing, then you'll need to use pliers that grip onto the post to pull and turn the binding post knob at the same time. I've used the 7" Robo-Grip Pliers to unscrew binding posts that were screwed down too tight (and the plastic Red/Black post just kept turning around without coming unscrewed) in order to get speaker wires out. Use the Robo-Grip Pliers to pull on the binding post, while un-tightening counter clockwise, and you should be able to unscrew the binding post and pull the speaker wire out of the terminal.

Once you get the speaker wire out, you may want to consider using Speaker Banana Connector Plugs to attach 14 Gauge speaker wire to your stereo receiver. Banana Connecter plugs allow you to easily connect speaker wires to your stereo and/or speakers by plugging them in to the binding post, without needing to screw down the binding post directly on top of the wire. The Banana Connector plugs may also give your speakers a better connection, thus better sound coming out of your Home Theater.

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