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What are the meaning of different Colored Roses?

Roses and the Meaning of Their Colors...

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Roses make the perfect gift for any occasion. While the most common color for roses is red, there are many other colors available to symbolize all types of sentiments. Continue reading to learn what the colors mean and how they are interpreted. Next time you’re in need of a gift, you can buy roses and choose the right color to match the occasion.

Red, as mentioned earlier, is by far the most common color for roses. It indicates romance and desire. Often given to a person to show your love, it can be given at any stage of a relationship. It can be for a first date, for your loved ones birthday, or for a 20th wedding anniversary.

Yellow roses are great for just about any occasion. Although yellow may have meant envy many years ago, today it means closeness or friendship. It can also convey the simple meaning of “I’m thinking of you”.

Orange is a prideful color. And in terms of roses, it should be given at times of accomplishments. Examples include at graduation ceremonies, recitals, or opening night at a theatre event. Nothing says you’re proud of someone better than a bouquet of orange roses.

Pink roses are becoming more and more common today. Much like red roses, it signifies love but in a more subdued way. Pink roses are seen more as a sweet gesture rather than a romantic one which makes it excellent among good friends. A lighter shade of pink can show friendship, while a darker shade of pink emote appreciation.

White roses are generally associated with marriage ceremonies. It embodies purity, devotion, and faithfulness in a relationship. This color symbolizes unity better than any other.

Purple roses denote longevity. It is appropriate for wedding anniversaries and long lasting feelings of love and devotion. It can also be fitting for lost spouses or family members as well. Generally speaking, purple should be kept for personal and intimate times.

Black flowers generally imply death. This dark rose can be viewed as a warning sign but can also mean positive change in the near future. Many buds start out at black, but as they blossom and turn into a cherry red they can signify moving forward. While dark roses make great gifts, be careful who you sent them to as it can be received negatively.

There are endless choices for rose colors, or combination for rose bouquets. Once you understand the meaning behind the colors, you can be selective to ensure the right sentiment is conveyed. If you’re having difficulty expressing exactly how you feel, have some fun mixing and matching.

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