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What are the Main Sources of Oil in the United States?

Where does the Oil that the United States uses come from?

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More and more US citizens are asking this question among themselves because they know that their fuel mainly comes from oil. In fact, almost half of the country’s need for energy is satisfied by petroleum items based on the US Department of Energy’s statement. Environmental concerns are also starting to rise and people would just want to know if US has plans in acquiring more reliable oil sources. Controversy is revolving around this issue as well for many individuals believe that the country is using its power in politics to get the oil supply that it needs.

California, Alaska and Texas domestic oil fields provide 40 percent of the country’s oil which is partially exported to other nations as well. The remaining 60 percent comes from other countries all over the world. This makes US one of the leading nations when it comes to the production of unique oil products and abundant oil supply.

Below is the list of countries that provide oil to US:

• Algeria
• Equatorial Guinea
• Venezuela
• UK
• Norway
• Kuwait
• Iraq
• Angola
• Nigeria
• Colombia
• Saudi Arabia
• Canada

Most of the countries mentioned above belong to OPEC which stands for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Members of this organization ensure the adequate supply of oil all over the world, protect oil reserves and maintain reasonable oil prices. However, US is allowed to import oil from non-OPEC members.

It also has oil reserve which can cater to the country’s need for energy in crucial situations. It is developing safe energy alternatives as well just in case a huge political disaster happens in a country where it is getting its oil supply from. Thus, Americans don’t have to worry about having insufficient oil supply in the years to come.

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