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Is there a release date for Adobe Acrobat 10.0?

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Shantanu Narayen – the President and CEO, Adobe Systems was recently quoted as saying:

"We are on track to deliver a new version of Acrobat late in our fourth quarter that will focus on enabling knowledge workers and enterprises to collaborate across critical document workflows." [NOTE: Adobe's fiscal fourth quarter ends in late November 2010.]

So it appears that there's a really good chance that Adobe Acrobat 10 (or Acrobat X) will be shipping by mid-October to late-November in 2010.

Yes - looks like today!

Adobe Acrobat X (Acrobat 10) is Here – Standard, Pro, and a New Suite

Looks like word on the streets is distributors will have it in stock come the first of next month (Dec 1). but you know how these things are with big manufacturers; they never seem to be right on. Who knows, though, right? =)

Amazon is saying the release date is Dec. 12, 2010.

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