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How is it that, my ex-bf shows up in my 6box, but never in my 8box? Is he checking out my page?

I never make a comment, like. or anything on his page (he has a gf) I went to his profile once to change the settings under the friends tab. I've sent him 3 or 4 pm's in the last 2 yrs! (ok, 2 or 3 in the last (maybe) 30-60 days. I also wonder if I am in his "hide from" list, or if he really just isn't on fb. that much/posts something. Of course, if I hit refresh, he (his photo) comes up in the 6box again and again. I have him in NO list(s) either.

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When you went to his profile and changed settings, did you unsubscribe from his posts in your News Feed? If you did unsubscribe from seeing his posts, then that may be the reason he never shows up in your 8 friends box. I have an ex-girlfriend that I unsubscribed to all her Posts, so I never see anything she posts in my News feed and she has never appeared in my 8 Friends box, however she has appeared in my 6 Friends box quite a bit.

Nick, thanks for answering. there wasn't an unsubscribe option. At the time, everything had a check mark next to it except "games".

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