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How is a Core 2 Duo processor different from a Dual Core processor?

What Makes Core 2 Duo Different From Dual Core?

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What is Core 2 Duo?

• This term refers to the dual core processors (2nd batch) made by Intel. Thus, Intel has sole ownership over this name.
• The company has decided to give their 2nd batch of processors that name to differentiate it from the first batch (Core Duo) that they have made.
• It is basically a subset of all the dual core processors which are available nowadays.
• It can be considered as Pentium 2 if you would look at it in the perspective of single core processors.

What is Dual Core?

• This is a kind of processor which has 2 cores that are contained in one silicon chip.
• With a reliable operating system, this processor can greatly enhance the efficiency of your central processing unit or CPU. Thus, if you intend to run more than 10 applications on your computer, then you are advised to purchase a dual core processor that is compatible with the OS that you have.
• Since the 2 cores in this processor can perform independently from each other, you will surely have no problem in doing more than one task on your laptop or personal computer.
• If you would look at dual cores in the perspective of single core processors, you can say that it’s Pentium 1. Core 2 Duo is a little bit advanced compared to dual core processors when it comes to computer technology.
• Intel’s Core Duo and AMD’s X2 series are examples of dual core processors as well.


• Not all dual core processors are considered as Core 2 Duo. That is simply because Intel is not the only manufacturer of processors in the computer industry. Nevertheless, all Core 2 Duo processors are dual cores for they all have 2 cores in their respective chips.

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