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What program will open .TSV files?

I'm trying to open a .tsv file, is there a specific program that will open TSV files?

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Notepad and Excel will both open and read .TSV files.

If you can't open .TSV file (also known as a Tab-Delimited file) by default, then right click on the file and select Properties -> in General tab, Opens with: click "Change..." -> then Choose "Notepad" and click OK.

Excel will also open .TSV files.

"TSV is a file extension for a tab-delimited file used with spreadsheet software. TSV stands for Tab Separated Values. TSV files are used for raw data and can be imported into and exported from spreadsheet software. TSV files are essentially text files, and the raw data can be viewed by text editors, though they are often used when moving raw data between spreadsheets."

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