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How do you fix an iPhone 5 sleep/wake button that's not working?

My iPhone 5 sleep/wake button is not working properly? Can the iPhone 5 sleep button be fixed?

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The sleep/wake button going bad seems to be an issue on the iPhone 5, which is due an issue with the hardware of your iphone and how it was built.

Basically, if it's a hardware issue then you'll want to get a new iPhone if it's under warranty.

If you bought your iPhone within the last year, hardware issues should be warranted by Apple. Find your iPhone 5 serial number in iTunes (click on your iPhone). To check if your phone is still under warranty go here:

If your "Repairs and Service Coverage" is Active and still under the Expiration Date then Apple should be able to replace your iPhone 5 with a new working iPhone 5.

Backup your iPhone before doing anthing else... and make sure it's a FULL backup to your computer, so you don't lose any critical stuff on your iPhone.

Then simply bring your phone into an Apple Store and have tech support look at the iPhone 5 sleep / wake button to see if the problem. NOTE: You can and should Set Up a Repair time, otherwise you may have to wait 20 minutes or more to get a apple tech person to help you replace your iPhone 5 with a new one (as long as they have it "In Stock".

Also make sure that before you give Apple your old iPhone that you ERASE all your data from you iPhone.  To do this go to: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.

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