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How do I get Rid of Gnats?

How can I get Rid of Gnats in my House?

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Gnats might fall into the category of being one of the most hated insects, mainly because they’re a nuisance. Due to the fact that they’re naturally drawn to rotten and smelly food, they are also referred to as fruit flies, or vinegar flies. This is why they’re usually found around dumpsters, garbage, and especially drains. They’re attracted to fungus, and fungus is usually caused by heat and moisture. Gnats also seem to thoroughly enjoy over watered house plants that do not drain properly and hold water for too long.

What might be even more frustrating is knowing that if you see one gnat, there are many more, probably somewhere nearby. On average, a gnat will live for around four months. In that short amount of time, one tiny, little, female gnat can possibly lay up to 300 eggs! Imagine what a couple dozen gnats could multiply to? If you don’t find the source of the problem quick enough, you may have to take more drastic measures to get rid of them.

The more obvious solutions would be to thoroughly clean your trash cans, keep all food, especially fruit, in storage containers or the fridge, and clean any sink drains. Food that has been left sitting for a long period of time needs to be disposed of immediately. Don’t let your trash pile up, even if it is in the garbage receptacle, for health issues it should be taken out regularly.

The use of chemicals would also be a good way to fix your gnat problem, especially if the situation has escalated to a full blown infestation. Hardware stores, supermarkets, even most gas stations will carry some, if not numerous types, of anti-insect spray. Remember to store these products out of the reach of children and any animals or pets. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the labels as some sprays or fogging products may require you to leave your home for the day.

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