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How can you Best Protect Plants from Frost?

Best Tips to Protect Plants from Frost? How can you fight frost and keep plants healthy?

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You just can’t have too much of something, otherwise, you will expect situations to turn bad. It’s not just about the work to accomplish, the foods you eat, your alcohol intake and all other stuff which should be done in temperate. Moderation also applies in plants. They can’t have too much sunshine or too much cold, if you don’t want them to see them grow dormant or worse die out.

It’s common sense approach for plant lovers to protect their plans from frost not only during late spring but also in unexpected cold weather conditions. If you are growing plants or planning to start planting as a hobby, it’s not enough to be vigilant of the weather; more than anything, you should know how to protect your plants from frost. Plants are expected to experience frost overnight when temperature is at its lowest. Frost damage is evident in the plant’s leave and buds; you will know it when it turns black.

Just like persons, the best way to protect the plants from frost is to cover them. However, you can’t just use any material or you may end up killing the plant instead. Plastic or vinyl materials only act as moisture trap. The colder the temperature, the more moisture will be produced and increases the risk for plants to freeze. If plastic is the only option, you would need to remove it early in the morning before its moisture will cause some damage.

To protect the plants, you should consider using materials that will allow moisture to escape. Fabric would make a best covering. Burlap or hessian cloth, linen or even newspaper can be used. Newspaper can’t be used for larger plants though, bed sheets are highly recommended. There are also available coverings especially designed to protect plants from frost if you want a more artistic touch. If you think the weather can be a threat of frost, make sure to cover your plants before the sun shines down.

Sometimes, no matter how you do all steps to protect the plants, your efforts may still be a failure. In such event, fret not! Let nature do the work for you. There are some flowers that may not be attractive for a certain season but during its right season, are just flawlessly beautiful. Nevertheless, with knowledge, patience and some stroke of luck, you can grow plants and flowers equally beautiful for all seasons.

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