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How can I stop a Controlling Partner?

Controlling Partner Issues: Reasons of Their Behavior and Ways to Stop Them?

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Relationships entail communication and understanding. Unfortunately not all people can do that. Sometimes, a partner tends to be domineering over the other making the relationship unhealthy. Oftentimes, the controlling partner has issues probably in the past or certain cultural practices influences him or her.

Common Reasons Why a Partner is Controlling

The most common reason for this kind of behavior is societal influences. The partner is exposed in a family with similar situation and accepts it as normal and necessary in a relationship. They imitate the behavior observed and bring it as they enter into relationships.

Gender roles also are one common reason for this behavior. Men tend to be domineering over women thinking that they are the better sex. Some women also tend to be controlling when they are successful in their careers or when they earn more.

Infidelity is another cause of a controlling behavior and would often lead to physical abuse if the behavior is not controlled. The partner would tend to be possessive if he or she experienced being cheated in the past relationships. Lack of trust is another cause which may also be linked with infidelity. The partner then would exert his or her control through different means. He or she tends to update the partner most of the time, checking where and what the partner is doing and so on. Friendships with the opposite sex would be a source of jealousy and the problem would escalate from one to another.

Fixing The Problem

Communication is the best tool to solve any problems within the relationship. Speak to your partner about his or her behavior and say what you feel about it. This may take some time since people who are demonstrating this kind of behavior tend to deny it. Always be ready because the partner would tend to be angry when this issue is being discussed.

Point out what you want to discuss regarding the behavior. He or she may feel hesitant to talk about it but let your partner understand that the controlling behavior is ruining the relationship. The most important thing to do is to talk when both of you are calm and can think rationally.

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