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How can I get text messages off iphone?

How do I transfer or export text messages off iPhone and back them up to a PC? I want to save copy's of SMS text messages from my iphone to my computer, in case I lose my phone.

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There's a number of applications that allow you to backup SMS text messages to your PC or Mac. Most will cost between $10 and $25 to get the application, although they usually have a free trial version available for download. Here's a list of some iphone SMS backup programs:

- Decipher Text Message (PC & Mac):

- TouchCopy (PC & Mac):

- Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS: 

- PhoneView (Mac):

- MobileSyncBrowser (Mac only?):

Also there's an iPhone app you can use to get text messages off the iPhone:

- SMS Export - App allows you to print or backup SMS (text messsages) directly to your PC or Mac (need to also download software to computer).

There are various ways to backup/copy iPhone text messages to computer. For example, as a .txt, .mht and .csv format. Have a look at these tutorials:

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iTunes will backup everything on the iPhone, including SMS messages and contacts.
In iTunes, with the iPhone selected on the left, click the Info tab and make sure Contact syncing is enabled.
How to transfer iPhone SMS from iPhone to PC(
How to transfer iPhone SMS from iPhone to Mac(
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I recommend Backuptrans iPhone SMS Backup & Restore. It offers all solutions for all serious iPhone users. It not only supports iPhone SMS to computer backup & export, but also enables users to restore SMS backup from computer database to a new iPhone or back to your old iPhone. No other iPhone utility softtware does more.

1 Backup iPhone SMS to computer
2 Restore SMS to iPhone from PC
3 Export iPhone SMS to document files such as txt, csv, doc or html
4 Import SMS to iPhone from iTunes Backup
5 Print out iPhone SMS messages in conversations
6 iMessage supported also
7 Supports latest iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Tutorial: How to backup iPhone SMS onto computer?

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There are many ways to get off text message from iPhone.When you accidentally delete photos captured by your iPhone 4/4S, you may want to find iTunes backup files to restore them. For Mac users, the iPhone 4/4S files are backed up at “~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup”

I bought decipher text message ( and it's great.

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