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How can I Get Rid of Mold Stains on Clothing?

How do I go about removing mold stains on my clothing?

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Ideally, you want to treat a mold stain as soon as possible. The light and heat from the sun will help to kill the mold and you don't want it to spread, so if s best to get the clothes outside right away. You will also want to thoroughly clean the clothing storage are with some disinfectant. Once outside, try to scrub the stain out of the fabric with a bristle brush. After the clothes have been out in the sun, and scrubbed, you may want to pretreat the stain depending on the amount of damage. Next you will want to wash the clothes in hot, or warm water, you may have to do this a few times to get the stain out. When you're absolutely sure that the garment is COMPLETELY dry, hang or store in an airy space. This will help prevent all mold stains.

The breeding grounds for mold stains are places that are dark and warm. That's why it is best to treat the stain right away. Usually, molds are photosensitive, and fungus thrives on anything organic. Some molds we want to have, they help make dairy products, and medicine. Molds that show up in your fridge, countertops, food containers, and clothes are NOT the ones we want.

If you find a mold stain on your clothes that looks like it's been there a while, follow the aforementioned steps, only this time after you scrub the stain, soak the garment in cold water THEN wash with hot, or warm water. Because a set in mold stain will permanently discolor fabric, it's highly likely the stain will stay put. You could try using a salt and lemon juice solution to get the stain out, but be sure to rinse the fabric immediately.

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