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How can I Eliminate Wax Stains From a Carpet?

What do you do to get rid of and remove Wax Stains From a Carpet?

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It isn’t that difficult to clean a carpet. However, a spill from wax is a completely different story. This kind of carpet damage needs to be removed by following a specific procedure.

So, let’s start with the materials needed:

• Carpet cleaner
• A towel or a bag that’s made of paper
• Hair or iron dryer
• Vacuum
• A bag (plastic) filled with ice cubes
• Putty or butter knife

Actual Carpet Cleaning

• Use the knife that you have or a dull blade to carefully remove most wax particles from the carpet.
• You can place the plastic bag with ice cubes on top of soft wax particles so you won’t have a hard time in getting them out.
• You can also let the wax melt by letting a hair or iron dryer blow on top of the carpet which has a paper bag or towel on it. The purpose of putting these paper materials on top of the carpet is to have the melted wax stick on them.
• Get your vacuum to eliminate the small debris that you can’t scrape.

Removing Wax Stains

• If ever you acquire wax stains after the cleaning process, simply put a carpet cleaner detergent in a damp cloth and blot the areas of the carpet which has the stain. However, test the detergent first on a different material for you to be sure that it won’t bring damage to your carpet.
• You can even use denatured alcohol or vinegar for this procedure if your carpet contains sensitive and natural fibers.

Important Reminders:

• You are only allowed to choose the hottest setting if you’re using a hair dryer instead of an iron one for you to maintain the condition of your carpet.
• Put a distance between the dryer and the carpet to prevent your carpet from acquiring ugly marks.
• Plain paper materials are necessary for the ink on printed ones can only make your carpet look dirtier after you make use of your dryer.

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